[Gifted] Mother Made skincare review 🌳🌱

Mother Made skincare is a global brand who strive to bring state-of-the-art cosmetic science throughout simplistic yet innovative products; all of which are preservative-free and cruelty-free. Several of their products are versatile and have undergone rigorous testing stages throughout their making, due to being made from scratch. Furthermore the brand aim to to invent new formulas that are unlike any other from similar brands, to provide and cater to the demands of the current market, who often seek products that are better for our environment; including the welfare of animals.

I have two products by Mother Made to share with you today. I had no prior experience of this brand until I was kindly gifted the featured items, and I promise to judge them fairly and discuss them in as much detail as possible.

Mother Made Exfoliating Aqua Peel Gel

This is simultaneously a physical & chemical exfoliant. Enriched with moisture-rich natural Cellulose, vitamin C for brightening dull or uneven skintone & willow bark for clarification. Similarly to Mother Made’s Active Charcoal Enzyme powder wasg which I reviewed previously, this peeling gel also contains papaya extracts to aid gentle ‘scrubbing’ as opposed to the use of abrasive particles. Apple extract additionally adds to the soft texture of the formula. It’s cruelty-free & produced in an ISO facility.

My experience – I believe that the addition of green tea and lavender prevented my skin from appearing red in colour; which is a relief as most other peeling gels heighten skin sensitivity. As stated by the packaging directions it correctly highlights that it should be used no more than three times per week: I can say that this is gentle enough to use it that often as guided. Overall, the botanical extracts remove dead-skin cells and impurities so well that your skin will feel softened and evenly textured for a reasonable 2~3 days straight. The scent is mildly herbal like, and somewhat fresh. I also occasionally like to use the product as a gentle hand exfoliant before applying hand cream. I total prefer to use this gel than a scrub, as they can cause microdermabrasions and aren’t ideal for sea creatures and water drainage systems.

Mother Made Active Charcoal Enzyme Powder Wash

Key features: Bamboo charcoal removes excess oils/sebum & impurities, minimises the appearance of enlarged pores, papaya enzymes buff away dead skin cells whilst brightening dull skin without irritation, contains aloe extract for extra gentleness. It’s suitable for congested, sensitive, dry and oily skin types. It’s cruelty free, produced in an ISO facility, plus free from harsh surfactants.

My experience: Above all, I’m impressed how non-abrasive the powder is, which is something I didn’t expect as some powder form skincare has larger and harder particles mixed with powder to ‘help’ unclog pores, but this isn’t the case here (this powder is a fine 10,000ppm). The powder lathers similarly to charcoal soap with just a few drops of water, but of course this is a soap-free product, and feels similar to a diluted cream cleanser. It also didn’t strip my skin of its natural oils – removing sebum but semi-mattifying skin rather than drying it out. After 3 or 4 uses, I further noticed my skin has become softened. I also think it’s an ideal face wash for when you’re travelling as it only weighs 55g; which is considerably lighter than a standard sized bottle of liquid face cleanser, plus a little goes a long way.


You can find Mother Made products via the following links:

Mother Made Official Global Website



Disclaimer – The products featured in this post were gifted to me in return for an honest review. Any links included aren’t affiliate links, they’re are purely provided for the convenience of readers.


Contact details & social media links:

E-mail (PR friendly) – emmamoseley0@googlemail.com



3 responses to “[Gifted] Mother Made skincare review 🌳🌱”

  1. I haven’t heard of this brand, but I enjoy learning more about other products! Powder based skincare, sounds so interesting. Thank you for sharing your review! You have taken some great photographs!

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  2. I’ve never heard of Mother Made but I’m super intrigued. I love the packaging and I’ve never tried a powder-based skincare item so I’m so curious now!

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  3. Great review the products sound lovely and good to know they are kind for sensitive skin

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