[Gifted] Naturekind AHA Skincare Review πŸ’§πŸ’¦

Not too long ago I reviewed Naturekind’s Tea Tree infused skincare range. Today I return with reviews of their AHA line which consists of 3 products, whereas the tea tree line included 4 items. All the products featured here today can be purchased separately and don’t actually come as a set, so I hope you can discover at least one item from the collection that suits your or grabs your interest. Before jumping right into the reviews, I want to extend this introduction to cover what AHA is just as a refresher or to inform thise who aren’t familiar with it.

AHA stands for ‘Alpha Hydroxy Acid’ – acids that are derived for natural sources such as citrus fruits, papaya, pineapple, tomato, natural unpasteurised yogurt (or full-fat dairy in general with lactic acid being key), grapes (tartaric acid), sugar cane (glycolic acid), royal jelly (hydroxycaproic acid), etc.

Thesedays we turn to AHA formulated skincare as it tends to be more effective for achieving radiant skin without using harsh man-made chemicals. Not all but most of AHA acid variants are even suitable for sensitive skin, yet aren’t always safe for acne or open blemishes. It depends cases by case, so it’s advised that if you have a skin condition, yoi should consult with your dermatologist before opting to use AHA.

Naturekind AHA Deep cleansing facial oil

This 145ml pump bottle of cleansing oil aims to gently remove minor blackheads & main a clear complexion with it’s 3 main ingredients: eggplant & willow bark extracts, plus citric acid. A like other products by this brand, the oil contains Anti-Thermorin which helps regulate sebum production and shrink the appearance of large pores. For me the oil works really well by removing all traces of makeup & ‘grease’ without leaving my skin feel deprived of hydration. Two pumps-worth is better than one to reduce friction & ensure equal distribution.

Naturekind Brightening AHA 10 Peeling Toner

The packaging describes this as “soft peel care” by utilising AHA Glycolic acid & lactic acid (10%), niacinamide plus plus NMF (i.e. Natural Moisturising Factors like fatty acids or glycerin). Unfortunately this peeling toner is not ideal for my sensitive skin… I understand that peeling toners do cause a tingling/warming sensation, but the feeling I experienced was more similar to a minor chemical burn. I had to rinse it off immediately with cold water. My skin remained red for some time afterwards, but even if I wasn’t able to use it correctly my skin did feel smoother than ever before. I think as long as you have normal skin, then you’d probably won’t have the same issue as I did.

Naturekind Brightening Mega AHA 5% Cream

A moisturiser combined with a “soft daily peeling cream”. This item also makes use of AHA citric acid & niacinamide, yet with the addition of grapefruit fruit extract. I was surprised to see that packaging details mention that it is suitable for even sensitive skin, and rightly so. As 5% AHA is a small quantity, its mild enough to not cause irritation whilst keeping skin smooth all day long, day after day. Furthermore, 500g worth for cream is money well spent!


You can buy Naturekind via the links below:

Naturekind (Korea)

Gmarket global


Disclaimer – The products featured in this post were gifted to me in return for an honest review. Any links included aren’t affiliate links.


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  1. That sounds like a great skincare brand, thank you for sharing x


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