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Troiareuke Acsen Toc Toner

I first heard about Troiareuke 4 more years ago. From what I understand they’re a dermatology clinic standard skincare brand who have their own Spa, but have since made their products available to the public. The first item I tried from their Acsen line is the ‘Toc Toner’. The toner’s name appropriately includes the abbreviation ‘TOC’, meaning “turn over cycle’. Throughout life our skin’s turn over cycle, including the ability to heal & repair itself; becomes slower thus causing dead skin cells to build up & cause textural issues, as well as prolonging how long it take for blemishes to diminish. This toner aims to speed up our turn over cycle to maintain healthy, clear skin. Along with other products in the Acsen line, this toner uses Glycolic acid & Centella Asiatica to create the ideal balance for acne-prone & sensitive skin types.

My opinion – I like the slight grapefruit scent, it’s somewhat refreshing in the morning time. Without a doubt it keeps dead skin cells at bay, especially in hard to reach places or aren’t irradiated by cleansing alone. It doesn’t irritate my skin, but it doesn’t accompany well with some types of products which you would layer on top of it… For example, when I used hydrogel eye patches on top of this toner, my skin felt sore with a heated sensation. As long as you use other skincare with a similar or lower pH level to the toner, you shouldn’t experience any sensitivity issues. Just keep things balanced. I like to use this day & night, as it doesn’t dry out my skin & hasn’t caused breakouts regardless of frequent usage.

Troiareuke Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing

This can simply be described as a hypoallergenic, oil-free gel cleanser. It removes excess sebum without depriving skin of hydration. A notable direction for use, is that is should be applied to skin with not moist hands & a dry face – massage across your face before rinsing with lukewarm water for best results.

Key inclusions & functions: Papaya extract to cleanse deeply into pores whilst protecting skin’s natural moisture barrier, “Microemulsion technique”, which cares for sensitive & acne-prone skin (it’s advised to use this upto 3 times per week as it is prescription type cleansing), Portulaca (Purslanes) & Usnea Barbata (a type of tree fungus) extracts, aloe vera & Soapwort for their moisturising properties.

Final thoughts after 10 days usage – It’s been a long time since I’ve used a gel-type cleanser & been totally satisfied with it’s performance. As someone with oily sensitive skin, I usually prefer a foam or oil cleanser as they are usually more gentle, well remove unwanted traces of sebum & tend to not be full of as many chemicals as a gel cleanser. However, this product is fantastic. It contains so many naturally sourced plus medically used ingredients! – What more could I want? It removes strongly pigmented makeup & thick makeup very well; usually I have to rely on my second step of cleansing to remove stubborn lip tints, but this cleanser does most of the work in just one step. At each & every use my skin feels smooth & most appreciated of all… the absence of that tight ‘squeeky clean’ skin texture that makes you look like a polished bowling ball & not in a good way. It didn’t make my skin itchy at all, which makes me trust Troiareuke when they say “hypoallergenic”.

Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula Toner + Ampoule Set (H+ Cocktail Anti-aging version)

What makes this product uniquely differ from others similar to it, is that its not just a toner but also a “prescription booster ampoule”. Their are two components to the product, the main solution plus a 10ml ampoule which you should mix together to active the formula; hence why it is referred to as a cocktail for skin. There are 4 types: Blue – for sebum/acne care, Red – cell repair, Green – anti-trouble & Yellow – tone-up.

Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid locks-in moisture, Polyphenol repairs & rejuvenates skin effected by environmental factors (mainly acts as anti-aging care), French Pine Bark extract (contains Pycnogenol) is a natural protective antioxidant for improving the condition of skin’s protective barrier, Polysaccharide calms skin after the use of cleansers.

My experience – This really is the ideal product for restoring moisture directly after cleansing, which may have stripped skin of essential oils. As its quite nourishing I’m able to use less moisturising cream than I used to; which is ideal for combination~oily skin types which benefit most from layers of lightweight formulas. This spray doesn’t effect base makeup placement or adhesion, as it soaks in rapidly without an overly sticky finish. I noticed that is keeps small dry patches around my lips & nose at bay. It has a light fruity/floral scent that didn’t cause any irritation. Simply my skin feels more plump as if my skin cells have been energized! I highly recommend this as a replacement to regular mists, as this targets specific skin concerns.

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