A second d’Alba Review

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a d’Alba review, but the good news is that since last time they have new skincare products (yay!).

d’Alba White Truffle Prestige Watery Oil

Usually I’d leave my favourite item until last, however I really want to talk about my favourite first because its an oil that I think everyone with combo~oily skin would adore. The d’Alba White Truffle Prestige Watery Oil combines the brand’s famous Italian White Truffle with castor oil, Allantoin, tocopherol, sunflower seed oil, rice bran, chamomilla, Propolis, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, soybean extracts, & more to create a lightweight non-greasy oil to effortlessly achieve glowing skin regardless of any healing skin troubles you may have. The herbal complex further soothes & protects skin from harsh environmental factors – which is fantastic as most oils I’ve used prior do nothing else but hydrate & promote excess sebum production.

I can certainly reassure those with sensitive skin that this is non-irritating. Typically lavender makes my skin itch, but the percentage of lavender within this oil is mild enough to use day & night over an extended period of time. I definitely think the inclusion of antioxidants sourced from Bixa seed oil helps calm redness & minor inflammations such as that of spots (tocopheryl also helps in the same way). The watery oil noticeably has bursting ‘beads’, which I can only assume are tocopheryl: providing fresh doses of vitamin E at every use (the packaging & the brand’s website don’t mention the ‘beads’ at all). Overall, I’m satisfied with this oil. I typically stay away from oil-based moisturising products as they are either uncomfortable or simply just unsuitable for my skin. As Winter is more or less present for most of us around the world, I think some of you with similar skin concerns should consider incorporating this oil into your skincare routines.

d’Alba white truffle nourishing treatment mask

This is “a silky-soft, skin-fitting sheet mask enriched with White Truffle Extract (10,000PPM), Centella Asiatica Extract delivers a surge of deep hydration & extra energy to skin for a plump, smooth, glowing look in minutes”. As I’ve been using the ampoule from the same range as this mask for 5 months or more, I had high expectations for this sheet mask, hoping that it would be just as nourishing with it’s 5 types of Hyaluronic acid; yet slightly less viscous for rapid absorption. Bifida Ferment, Allantoin & Arginine making a large contribution to the formula. Typically of d’Alba’s skincare, this mask contains traces of rosemary, lavender, chamomilla, tea tree & peppermint for skin-calming effects plus simplistic aromatherapy. To ensure provision of nourishment intake, olive & eucalyptus have also been added.

As stated by the product description, this is a skin-fitting mask in terms of adhering flatly & molding itself well over the curves of your nose, jawline & brow bones (the overall sizing wasn’t too bad neither). The fabric is very soft: not too thick, nor so thin that it tears easily. Unexpectedly, the essence is actually transparent & runny – unlike the sleeping pack or ampoule from the same range which has a off-white cloudy, creamy appearance/texture. Nevertheless, it was still hydrating enough for me personally; restoring lost moisture caused by cleansing. With all points in consideration, I’d say this mask is more specialised than your average daily sheet mask & could affordably be used once or twice per week no matter what your skin type is.

d’Alba 7:33 Back to Days Clean Balm

Here we have a all-in-one product acting as a cleanser, hydrator & irradiator of excess sebum as well as other bothersome, unwanted impurities. This cleansing balm/ampoule is formulated with gold clay, olive oil, macadamia seed oil, Camellia, candelilla, jojoba, squalene, sunflower seed oil, rice & rice germ, milk proteins, fermented barley, fermented soybean for it’s lactobacillus, etc. The packaging was designed with hygiene in mind. Many cleansing balms on the beauty market are contained within tubs, often resulting in bacteria from our hands entering the balm in order to remove it from it’s pot (unless you actually make the effort to use & rinse of the scoop/spatula supplied if any). This one however has a retinol-like applicator for easy, sanitary use to lower the chance of causing breakouts.

Simply, this product without a shadow of a doubt can be ideal for all skin types . It removes the right amount of excess sebum, but maintains or restores moisture in the same instance. The complex, yet mostly natural formula, ensures that makeup is effectively removed as well as impurities as I mentioned earlier without irritation inflicted by the ingredients themselves or how it is physically used (- by this I mean no friction was caused as I massaged it onto my face). As this item has done exactly as promised, not a day has gone by since I received it where I haven’t used it during my evening/night routine.

d’Alba White Truffle Waterfall Sleeping Pack

12 sachets come in each box; pre-measured amounts like this are ideal for those who don’t necessarily know how much sleeping pack to dispense at each turn. It goes without saying that sleeping packs/masks are made with the intension to slowly treat skin with highly concentrated hydration plus nutrients over the course of a sleeping period. This sleeping pack is no exception to aiming to replenish fatigued skin negatively effected by environmental stressors; which some alternatively refer to as ‘anti-aging’. Prominent ingredients in each sachet include sunflower oil, rice extracts, sodium hyaluronate, lotus & of course again d’Alba’s famous tuber magnatum extract (white truffle).

What I appreciate most about this sleeping mask is how barely any residue transferred to my pillow or other bedding, even if the pack gradually soaks into skin rather than absorbing rapidly. I like the gentle, soft natural scent of the product which is a must considering you have to lay in bed with the product on your face; a lingering fragrance wouldn’t be ideal for optimal relaxation. Just as I hoped, the sleeping pack left my skin feeling bouncer, smooth, free from any dryness & tension, with the added bonus of calming my skin which was reddened by some other skincare I had regrettably used beforehand.