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Hi everyone! I’ve returned from what has probably been my 100th sudden absence from my blog. Anyway, I decided this year to not take part in Blogmas, however I still want to share with you a brand I recently came across: Oriflame. Oriflame is a widespread skincare, beauty & health/well-being online shop operating in 60+ countries worldwide; being most successful across Europe. They appear to often have discounts & deals which enable us, especially at times like Christmas, to buy gift sets & unique stocking fillers presents for all family members or friends in one order if desired.

I’ve selected 10 products from their lastest availability to introduce you to gift ideas that are of good quality & not going to cost you a fortune. The benefit of buying Oriflame products, is that they aren’t sold in shops or other online shopping websites; meaning you’re more likely to discover items that aren’t typically gifted around this season (I think we’re all bored of the same body spray/shower sets that are found on the highstreet).

Oriflame Amber Elixir Eau de Parfum + Perfumed Body Cream Set – £21.95

“An alluring fragrance infused with enticing notes of madarin, sweet almond and mystical amber”.

This fragrance is ideal those who don’t like overly sweet or overpowering scents, but still seek to find a ‘sophisticated’ scent that you can wear day or night. I personally am very fussy when for scents, as I have a sensitive sense of smell, however I feel like the almond & amber notes balance out the citrus to create a mild nutty/sandalwood-like aroma. The packaging is of course idyllic with is orangey-brown tones and gold details: both items are contained in a gift box, making gift-wrapping less time consuming or bothersome.

Oriflame Collection Delicate Cherry Blossom Gift Set – £14.95

“A floral, fruity fragrance with top notes of delicate sweet almond, sensuously followed by emblematic feminine cherry blossom, before the unforgettable heliotrope drydown”.

First of all, how can you not love the floral pink packaging? Similarly to the previous fragrance I just shared, this new limited edition fragrance is light but maintains it’s presence to provide a delicate scent throughout wear. The cedarwood calms down the intensity of the floral elements to provide a daytime scent; carrying the adored Spring cherry blossom flower into all seasons of the year. The body lotion within the Eau de Toilette & perfumed body lotion pairing helps the fragrance to last longer & of course provides essential body care during the colder months of the year.

Oriflame Feet Up Nourishing Pumpkin Seed Oil Foot Cream – £6.00

“Pumpkin seed oil is packed with omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E & zinc. Quick absorbing, it helps maintain healthy skin and brings softness to very dry skin”.

So here is the first of the stocking fillers I was referring to. I feel like many of us focus on facial or body skincare, but don’t use enough foot care products. I was fed up with having cracked heals from wearing boots & trainers everyday, and started using this oil infused foot cream in replacement to a popular brand available in shops like Superdrug & supermarkets. The inclusion of pumpkin seed oil truly deeply hydrates the thick skin of feet to restore feet back to a healthy condition. At the moment, if you purchase the Pumpkin foot file as well as the cream, you will receive a discount making the combo just £4.95 (that’s a saving of £6.05). I’m definitely going to stock up on the foit cream for my Mum, who really enjoys foot pampering at the end of a long week.

Oriflame Incognito Eau de Toilette – £9.95

“Set hearts racing with enticingly sparling physalis, delicate lily of the valley and sultry trail sandalwood and praline”.

This is most certainly my favourite fragrance by Oriflame! It’s my go-to for any occasion. It has that ‘sexy’ vibe to it, but isn’t spiced like most sensual fragrances. Other than simply describing it as ‘floral fruity’, I’d say its one of those signature scents popular with those in their 20s & 30s. Whenever I wear it, I feel confident & envision wearing it on my wedding day.

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Hand Scrub – £5.95

“A nourishing hand scrub with organically sourced milk and honey extracts which help to smooth away rough, dull skin with exfoliating Almond shell”.

If your ‘into’ skincare, scrubs aren’t anything new. However hand scrubs, in my opinion, are a must have for fighting signs of aging & need to become more popular. It’s known that aside from our faces, the appearance of our hands is an indication to showing our age. Not only is using hand scrub important for effectively removing dead skin cells, it also helps aid the absorption of rich hand creams/lotions. I’ve added this hand scrub in particular to the list because I noticed that it’s active ingredients don’t strip skin of essential hydration and eradicates the dryness of sore knuckles during Winter.

Oriflame Eleo Shampoo – £6.95

“A luxuriously rich, intensely nourishing formula containing argan oil, natural burdock, rose & vitamins, which penetrates the hair shafts, strengthening it from the inside out and restoring a beautiful, multifaceted shine”.

If you have very dry hair, this is a lifesaver! Using it consistently will revitalise your hair; which is fantastic considering the low cost. After a week of frequent use, you’ll probably find that you’ll only have to use it 2~3 times per week thereafter as it’s nourishing effects are long lasting for days on end. I don’t have dry hair, but even I use this as a treatment shampoo twice per week as regular shampoos tend to make my hair frizzy. A little goes a long way too, so a 200ml tube should last 3 or 4 months depending.

Oriflame Loving Care Range – Prices range from £2.00~£13.00

Each product in the collection is centred around two ingredients: Natural Almond Milk – “Used for centuries because of its mild and gentle qualities, natural almond milk is a known rich source of vitamins and minerals the help nourish and condition skin”. Pumpkin seed oil – “Pumpkins are well known for their skin-friendly nutrients – producing some of the most multi-beneficial oils available for skin to enjoy. The essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help protect skin as well as hydrate”.

To be exact, the ‘Loving Care Range’ includes a shower cream, a body lotion, a hand cream and a multi-purpose cream suitable for your face, body and hands. Not only is this a perfect skincare range for sensitive skin, a portion of the proceeds are donated via the Oriflame Foundation, who empower children and young women by providing them with opportunities to change their lives for the better – to feel safe and protected.

Remington for Oriflame – Detail Trimmer – £11.95 (originally £18.00)

“Compact pen shape detail trimmer features eyebrow comb with two length settings and trimmer blade for easy personal grooming”.

Honestly, who has the time and money to make trips to a beauty salon or eyebrow stylist as regularly as they want? – Most of use would probably prefer to conveniently tend to our overgrown eyebrows, upper lip hair and side burns from the privacy of our own homes. I have used Remington trimmers like these for years, and have since recommended them to many due to the sheer effectiveness of the device. I like to keep my eyebrows fairly natural looking, just a tidy-up is required every now and then, so I don’t necessarily need an expert to keep my eyebrows in-shape. This trimmer is painless, straightforward to use, and makes the process a quick as possible. I especially like to use it for fine upper lip hair, as waxing or bleaching as an alternative just isn’t worth the hassle. Furthermore, this version is cheaper than some leading brands who make trimmers of this type.

Oriflame Styler Hair Brush Cleaner – £2.95

“For cleaning all different shaped hairbrushes. Make from stainless steel”.

When I came across this tool, my initial thought was ‘why didn’t I know about this sooner?’ All this time, I had been soaking my hair brushes in warm water with lathered shampoo in order to remove hair oils, hair spray and other hair styling products which had coated the bristles of my hairbrushes and combs. By far this handy tool makes the boring task much simpler for a small cost.

Oriflame Men’s Collection Dark Wood Gift Set – £14.95

“Bring the them the natural, wooded outdoors with our most loved Oriflame Collections’ Dark Wood Eau de Toilette (50ml): an irresistible, sophisticated scent, enhanced by Hair & Body wash 100ml (of the same scent), exclusively developed for this limited edition gift set”.

This fragrance is advertised as ‘men’s’, but just like any fragrance this is can be used by anyone if so wished. The top notes of this scent is black peppercorns with its base notes being guaiac wood and blond tobacco. It’s very sandalwood/cedarwood like, not too potent nor too weak that it seems like the scent has evaporated into thin air. I would actually use this myself as it has that oriental, woody Amber element.

I hope this list helps you find some great gifts for loved ones. Most of the items on the Oriflame website are available all year round, but if you specifically want to place an order in time for Christmas (and of course to purchase limited seasonal edition themed items), then you should complete orders before Tuesday of next week – 17/12/19. If you register for free with Oriflame, you’ll be able to access VIP exclusive offers and you’ll qualify for free UK shipping on orders costing £45+.


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