I’m Average – So what?

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Average…

For most of us, regardless of where we are settled in the world, there’s unwritten expectations of us in life. Some of us will go through the pressures of family members and dear ones chewing off our ears about ‘when are you going to do this?’, ‘when are you going to aim for that?’. And in turn there’s pressures we put on ourselves or indirectly observe and take to heart from the influences around us – whether these be stressors which make us feel like we need to be making a certain amount of income per year, or when and if to procreate, I think most of us can agree that at times we feel like an Average Joe when we don’t accomplish what we put ourselves to or what others want for us.

In some instances, even when we have achieved the so called ‘norms’ in life – such as buying your own property – we can feel like the average is plain boring. It can be a lifetime of competition against oneself to find happiness; or more appropriately deemed as ‘satisfaction’ when summarising our lives as a whole. Yes, we may truly be part of the nicknamed ‘snowflake generation’ – expressing more openly than ever the negative outcomes of social pressures; but these issues blatantly exist and shouldn’t be swept under the carpet for some privileged middle aged member of Parliament to dismiss at their own convenience.

The the main discussion point of today’s blog post isn’t actually to rant about the lack of responsibility of our governments, its a message to remind all who are feeling lost or low in confidence that it’s perfectly acceptable to be average. Absolutely, some of you reading this will become CEOs, published authors, entrepreneurs, doctors, parents or even the next Meghan Markle. However, there will be some of us we spend a large portion, if not all, of our lives as homemakers, retail assistants, cleaners, receptionists, hotel staff, teaching assistants, etc – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because you have a common job that doesn’t bring you riches, that doesn’t mean you should be labelled as ‘average’. Besides, being viewed as ‘average’ shouldn’t come with negative connotations – you’re working your butt off to survive, just as we all are.

So if you want to call-it-a-day at 4pm, when you bring the children home from school, to throw on your PJs and eat dinner on the sofa – then so be it! If you want to get promoted to the highest position in your firm, then by all means go for it – you do you! But do we really have to validate ourselves purely based on our major successes in life to determine whether or not we have “made it in life”? Just because I haven’t done voluntary work in Ethiopia, does that make me any less of a person or an insensitive one?

With it still being January, self-improvement & new year’s resolutions are still imbedded in the forefront of our conscious – this time it’s ever so common to be feeling low in connection to this. I too know I need to work on achieving my goals in life and I will dedicate myself to that as much as humanly possible, just I think I need remind myself often that just because I do many basic/usual things that doesn’t define me as average, nor that being average is something to be ashamed if we really do need to keep using such adjectives to describe ourselves.

Let me know your thoughts on this matter. I haven’t discussed this openly before; before it was just one of those 3am insomniac contemplations.


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9 thoughts on “I’m Average – So what?

  1. I’m with you! I grew up with a middle-class life but my family members had a lot going for them and they were making the big bucks. For a very long time in my early teens to even now, sometimes I feel like I could have done more with my life but that’s just a negative way of thinking. It’s not healthy dwelling in the past and wondering should of, could of, would of but what I can do moving forward that will lead me to my success. I’ve grown to believe it’s okay to be average as long as you’re happy doing what you’re doing.


  2. Yes girl! Honestly, I loved reading this and everything you said just needed to be said. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being average. In fact, I think we have lost our sensibility to strip things back – everything is just too much too fast these days. I’m being a lot more minimal in my approach nowadays and if I have a very small success, I celebrate it regardless which is something I never used to do. I feel so much happier now though in noting down these small successes.


  3. Thank you for sharing your ideas – they are very insightful. The simple truth is that the sooner we realize that it’s okay to be a regular person, the better. Looking at the extremely wealthy and successful 1% makes us insecure about our own goals that seem unimportant and not good enough compared to all the success that other people seem to have. Well, I’d choose a normal ‘regular’ life instead of dedicating 100% of my waking hours to work. As Jordan Peterson ponders, ‘we have to ask why there are people who decide to do these high paying, but extremely demanding jobs’ because it’s truly crazy

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  4. Yesss! I 100% agree with this. I’m such an average person, I don’t always want to be a ‘girl boss’ but feel so much pressure to aim for the highest possible goal and work 24/7 to get there. One day I might end up publishing that book, who knows, but for now I’m perfectly happy getting into my pjs early and binge watching tv haha.

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    1. I can totally relate to you, so thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Whatever you decide to do, now or later, I wish you all the best. And always remember to have some ‘me time’ for the sake of your physical and mental health. Take care x

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  5. I have often struggled with the concept of being “Just Average”. There is this longing to be exceptional, gifted, and seen as unique and special. For years I hated feeling like I was stuck in this middle ground. Trying to by happy that I could function normal enough but a little sad that I wasn’t born with “greatness”. I hated feeling like I did a lot of things well, but didn’t excel in any one skill. Part of this is conditioning I am sure. It took me a long while to realize that I am gifted, that I am unique. Sometime we just need a new perspective.

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