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What makes the Dual Mask unique from others is Tissue X® – “which naturally generates microcurrents for enhanced absorption of ingredients into the Dermis (inner skin)”. This concept was created in partnership with Seoul National University, who applied the concept of reverse electrodialysis… In simple terms the gentle microcurrents are formed naturally rather than by battery/electrical device.

According to the masks creators, these masks are akin to Hyaluronic acid injections. Of course these masks do not have attachments to provide treatment via self-injecting or anything of that nature. On the contrary, the mask simply leaves results resembling that of professional facial treatments. Its clinically proven to diminish the prominence of acne, enlarged pores & minor scarring after fairly frequent use (2 times per week for 2 weeks is initially recommended). Redness can fade after one use – best used in the evening to allow sufficient time to see the benefits by morning of the following day.

Each box contains 2 sets:

  • Step 1 – Enriching mask x2
  • Step 2 – Boosting Essence x2
  • Step 3 – Empowering mask x2.


The enriching mask (step 1) is extremely soft due to it’s non-woven fabric; this means that the mask adhered flatly to skin, could contour my facial features properly, and make the sizing adjustable to an extent. The overall fit/sizing is appropriate for the majority of face shapes and sizes. Applying the Boosting essence (step 2) was more straightforward than I first anticipated. The Empowering mask (step 3) clearly indicates where to squeeze the contents of the essence/elixir sachet, to prevent confusion.

The raised side (the side which had the plastic toggles with the FRANZ logo) of the empowering mask should face outwards from your skin. The first time I tried to place the step 3, it took some time of adjusting it (as you can see by my video posted previously) – I think this is because is a dry sheet mask, acting as a ‘topper’ for the enriching mask. By the 2nd use, application of said step became more easy. I liked how the leftover essence upon removal of the dual mask, wasn’t excessive in quality.

How to use the mask (video guide) ⬇️


Franz don’t just offer innovative sheet masks, they have an Everyday Essence. If you read & research about serums often, you’re probably bored of the countless skincare brands who claim to have a signature formula which places their product’s quality above the rest. On this occasion, I can honestly say I’m highly impressed by the Franz Everyday Essence & the ingredients used to create it.

First of all, there’s Hyaluronic Acid – a complex composed of water-retaining molecules of various molecular sizes to store plumpness to skin with deeply restored hydration. As Lipids make-up 50% of our skin’s composition, Ceramides have been infused into the essence to bring back health to weakened skin barriers. Xylitylglucoside – found in water-binding sugar plants – contribute to the essence’s ability to lock moisture into skin. Several vitamins serge skin with antioxidants & anti-inflammatories; whereas minerals focus on boosting skin’s immunity against bacteria & stimulate skin cell renewal.

Overview: Its perfectly lightweight, scentless, mildly sticky, quick absorbing, non-greasy & improves skin’s elasticity. It’s aimed at all skin types, but as someone with oily skin, I’m sure those with combination~oily skin types will appreciate the essence most due to the overall texture as described earlier. Usually from my point of view, serums take 2 weeks + to fully take effect, yet I noticed textural improvement within 3~4 days (used twice daily). Especially when used in conjunction to the Franz Dual Mask System, the longevity of the serum’s hydration retention is prolonged throughout the entire day


Disclaimer – The items featured in this post were gifted in return for an honest review. All opinions share are my own.


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