[#Gifted] Dewytree Skincare Review

Surprise surprise, it’s another K-beauty review. This time round I’ll be introducing you to three products from Dewytree. Dewytree isn’t exactly a small or Indie brand, but at the same time its not as readily available globally outside of Korea as Missha for instance. The first time I tried Dewytree was around this time last year, when I came across one of their green enzyme masks in OliveYoung (a Korean drugstore) at a discounted price. Since then I’ve wondered if their other skincare products are worth their mid-range price point or live up to the same standard of the sheet mask I had used & truly like.

So here’s little information on some of Dewytree’s better known products…


As the name suggests this is cream type ‘Apple wash’/foam cleanser rich in Amino acids: Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids, Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids & Silk Amino Acids. These types of acids come with the purpose of both retaining & transporting hydration throughout skin whilst of course gently freeing skin of unwanted impurities.

Just as I hoped this cleanser has that emulsified/whipped texture which easily lathers with a minimal amount of water & glides across your skin (free from abrasive particles). Upon researching the ingredients list I noticed that this it contains Allantoin & Panthenol – most likely to make the formula balanced or gentler. A little Moringa Oleifera see Seed Oil plus Rosemary Leaf Oil Futher prevent the cleanser from drying out skin.

The scent in my opinion is refreshing & light; I can’t distinguish it’s exact scent but it smells similarly to that of mild methanol with a leafy extract. So far I really like this cleanser mainly because of it’s high Antioxidant content, which is something I seek in skincare as such ingredients tend to keep my skin relatively clear of imperfections. I think those with combination skin would like this product most.


For those who aren’t familiar with this range of sheet masks, they contain Green Enzymes for light exfoliation & to aid the formula in supplying hydration to skin. By ‘green’ enzymes they are referring to the use of plant derived enzymes: Papain. It’s also jam packed with various fermented extracts from soybeans, barley & lactobacillus from fermented pear juice.

To maintain a good balance between exfoliating ingredients & those which concentrate on the provision of hydration or skin soothing – multiple Hyaluronic acids, Ceramide 3, camellia & lavender have been used. These masks particular meet the needs of dry skin types which requires non-physical exfoliation once or twice per week, however I also found it to be fitting to my current sensitive combination skin type – as long as they aren’t used too frequently.

What I like most about these sheet masks is how soft the fabric is, with the ideal thinness to adhere well to skin without being fragile. I haven’t noticed a significant difference between the ‘Aqua’ & ‘Fitness’ versions, I would say they are equally great & handy.


As this is an anti-aging skincare product Snail Secretion Filtrate, Betaine & Adenosine are the key ingredients within this fascinatingly gooey rich cream. 1,600mg of Snail Secretion goes into every pot, placing it 7th in the contents list. The inclusion of Grapefruit extract serves as a brightening agent with it’s natural citric acids.

To provide deep nourishment, rather than just concentrating on anti-wrinkle ingredients Shea butter, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Vegetable oil, aloe leaf extract & macadamia seed oil have been thrown into the mix. I was a little disappointed to see alcohol & fragrance in this cream, but some how I haven’t experienced any irritation from using it – even when used generously.

As I’ve only been using this cream for a couple of weeks, I can’t say I’ve noticed any major improvement in the appearance of fine lines. Although after just a few consecutive uses I could already detect a difference in my skin’s firmness when the cream is used as the last step in my night routine. Simply my skin feels bouncier by morning. Even if it’s not an eye cream, I do like to ensure that I spread it up to the outer corners of my eyes (but not beneath my eyes) so that is can at least provide minimal ‘plumpness’ where my natural eye creases end. I think this is a good product for those within the 25-35 age bracket who require anti-aging skincare which isn’t too intense/concentrated.

Dewytree now have a global website available in English & Chinese languages, so you can now access all Dewytree products; whereas the likes of Amazon stock less variety of Dewytree skincare.


Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own & have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association.


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