[#Gifted] Detoskin Skincare Review πŸŒΈ

First of all, I must confess that this review post is welllllll overdue as some of the products featured were tried & tested back in December last year (eek). Better late than never, right?

So, ‘Detoskin’ is a self proclaimed Hygge cosmetic bringing comfort & relaxation to those who require it. From what I can understand from the brand’s Korean website their products are cruelty-free & the essence which saturates their sheet masks focus on detoxifying skin to revive skin back to its original healthy state; rather than providing a complex formula of nutrients which skin may find difficult to absorb at such a high concentration. Overall Detoskin – under ‘PURENSKIN Co. LTD’ – focus on creating essential skincare to ultimately ensure we are being more ‘skin-friendly’.


It goes without saying that various teas have been use in Asian skincare for centuries for their purification & detoxification properties. Detoskin have used several teas in this sheet mask range to continue to an extent the centuries old skincare methods alongside the modern day sheet mask, to particularly cater to dry sensitive skin types. However the range has a mask suited to everyone, which is why I’d like to see these masks more widely available not just globally but also in Korea itself.
There are currently 5 tea infused masks within this collection:

  • Green tea – Moisture/calming/nourishing
  • Hibiscus tea – Moisture/skin toning/nourishing
  • Puer tea – Firming/wrinkle care/nourishing
  • Black tea – Nourishing/wrinkle care/skin toning
  • Rooibos tea – Moisture/brightening/nourishing

The first one I used was the Black Tea-Time mask. This mask provides triple care: nourishment, wrinkle care & skin toning. The formula combines black tea & red ginseng extracts to revitalise skin in conjunction to other beneficial ingredients like niacinamide (placed 3rd in the contents list), shea butter, allantoin & capric triglyceride (natural fatty acids + glycerin).

My observation:

This sheet mask is a solid 9/10! I don’t always give ratings in my skincare reviews, but this brand deserves some credit & I hope they flourish. It is highly nourishing with its gloopy essence – which is comparable to snail mucin. Regardless of the essence being thick the absorption rate is conveniently around 15~20 minutes long, similarly to the majority of sheet masks.

I experienced zero irritation and a reasonable amount of residue remained for further absorption after the mask’s removal. Due to having a bad cold, my nose became rough and reddened, but this mask solved that discomfort in minutes. Because the circumference of the mask is not one continuous oval/circle – having slits near the temples & jawline – it is size adjustable.

Each type of the tea mask didn’t exactly dramatically differ from one another, although I’d say I liked the green tea for it’s skin calming benefits.


This range follows a similar concept to the Tea-Time collection. The same white cotton sheet is used, with the difference being the inclusion of food ingredients for detoxification (some of which are superfoods). Here are the 5 masks to choose from along with their functions:

  • Kale – Moisture/calming/sensitivity
  • Oatmeal – Moisture/skin barrier/calming
  • Beet/beetroot – Moisture/nourishing/wrinkle care
  • Celery – Moisture/nourishing/brightening
  • Parsley – Moisture/skin toning/nourishing

The main difference I noticed about these masks in comparison to the tea ones, is that they were even more gentle & softened skin more. I wouldn’t say one range is better than the other – simply I think those with sensitive skin may appreciate the cleanse masks more than the tea version for said reason; especially as some people with hyper sensitive skin react to certain plant extracts (for me the hibiscus tea mask made my skin a little itchy).

The oatmeal cleanse mask is wonderful for treating dry skin which has become sensitive to cold weather conditions, or for calming down skin after using a product that has irritated your skin. On the other hand, I can see the oatmeal mask being favourable at the end of a day in summer when you face may have suffered a minor sunburn – using the mask as a mild after-sun treatment.


There is only one type of this bubble mask. I suppose in a way it is a part of the cleanse mask range, however I want to review it as an individual as it is unlike any other mask by the brand.

Have you used a bubble sheet mask before? Detoskin’s version has a more “kind to skin” approach to pore cleansing, whereas some other well known bubble masks available among the kbeauty market are so skin-friendly (but that’s a story for another day).

The mask is essentially a charcoal infused fabric sheet to promote skin purification & leave skin looking more radiant or brightened. It contains two types of perfluorocarbons which react with oxygen in the atmosphere once the mask is removed from it’s airtight packaging. Just 30 seconds after being activated the mask with begin to bubble & will continue to do so for 5+ minutes. The bubbles will stay on the mask & purifying your skin throughout the entire 10 minutes of wear. Unlike with other sheet masks, you have to rinse off the residue with lukewarm water.

It genuinely leaves your skin feeling brand new! It provides everything you want in a sheet mask. It firms skin & tightens pores, smoothes skin, provides moderate hydration & gives your skin a healthy natural looking glow. Of course it’s not gentle enough to use more than once per week, but I think it’s work having at hand for maintaing an even skin texture which is free from accumulated dead skin cells.


These under eye masks/patches claim to moisturise, brighten & nourish the delicate skin directly beneath you under eyes. This is the first time I’ve use a green tea product that contains such a high concentration of green tea – smelling purely like cooled down Sencha or general grade green tea after brewing. The pot contains a generous 60 patches with a helpful spatula to remove them from the essence in which they’re submerged in.

They are very gentle against skin due to the Agar in which they are made from. The numerous camellia extracts also bring relief to fatigued skin. They are larger than some patches I’ve seen with similar qualities, making them ideal for those who have dark under eye circles/bags which cover quite low beneath the eyes. They contain several botanical extracts which are well known for caring for sensitive skin. The patches calmed down the puffiness of my under eyes which were caused by seasonal allergies.

I actually couldn’t fault the product itself nor the packaging. They’ve now become my favourite eye patches which I’ve tried so far.


Detoskin now have a new Spring 2020 collection consisting of 5 floral inspired sheet masks:

  • Rose – Moisture/firming/skin toning
  • Lily – Moisture/brightening/nourishing
  • Cherry blossom – Moisture/revitalising/skin toning
  • Peony – Moisture/energising/purifying
  • Chamomile – Moisture/calming/sensitivity

As I only received them a few weeks ago, I’ve only used the Peony one so far. The essence holds 1,000ppm of Peony extracts. Other floral extracts include Sambuscus Nigra (Elderflower) + Nelumbo Nucifera (Indian Lotus flower).

Just a like their other mask these are very comfortable. I often have a issue with the way fabric feels against my skin, but these seem to stay in place and are very soft. These masks are thinner than their other sheet masks and are translucent, whereas the others are opaque. The overall fit wasn’t bad neither. In my opinion the essence is of an ideal consistency – not too thick nor too watery with 25g being plentiful. The Peony version is one I would recommend to those who feel like they need to comfortably tighten their skin without having to necessary do face massage for a day.

I must say that I prefer the wafer thin fabric of these Floris masks moreso than cotton of the cleanse & Tea-Time masks, however I prefer the ‘milky’ essence of the previous masks over the clear essence of the Floris masks.


Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own & have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association.


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