[#Gifted] Top 3 Serums for Oily, Combination & Acne Prone Skin πŸ™Œ

Skincare can be overwhelming, especially when new products are being released all the time & when our knowledge is limited when it comes to specialist trending ingredients.

To keep things simple & concise for those of us with Oily, Combination & Acne Prone skin types, I’ve narrowed down some K-Beauty serum/ampoule options most suitable for caring for such skin types & concerns which I found to me most helpful or are becoming increasingly popular right now in the K-Beauty skincare community.


This ampoule was designed with soothing & clearing troubled skin in mind. It contains an array of skin-friendly ingredients, most of which are sourced from nature:

– 85% capillary woodworm/Artemisia (Mugwort) & Kava Kava – to calm & clarify skin,

– Cineol – focuses on skin’s overall health,

– Chlorogenic acid & Beta-carotene – firms & strengthens weakened protective layers of skin,

– Ceramide NP, Hydrogenated Lecithin (fatty substances/emulsifier) – for the rejuvenation of cells & contributing to the ampoule’s texture.

The high concentration of Mugwort enables the ampoule to absorb smoothly, replicating the gliding movement of water. Isntree’s Time-dropβ„’ method refers to the extensive 6~8hr process for extracting the purest beneficial substances from Ganghwa Mugwort. The ampoule has a skin irritation index of 0.00.

My experience – Whenever I use products containing types of plants, I have to be cautious as my skin is often irritated by some plant extracts. However this ampoule didn’t interfere with the comfortability of my skin, even with twice per day use. I appreciate the lasting semi-matte finish of the ampoule – no viscidness, yet retains inner hydration.

Whenever I don’t use this product I have break-outs, so it’s become a trustworthy addition to my skincare routines in order to maintain a blemish-free complexion. To ensure the ampoule targets spots well, I apply a full pipette worth of ampoule over the entire surface of my face & apply a second layer to pinpointed areas to irradiate imperfections more rapidly – using a reusable silicone swab/Q-tip helps with this method of application.


This serum has to be my favourite item within this fairly new range from Cosrx, simply because of how lightweight & soothing it is. Once again it makes caring for acne more achievable despite how busy you may be, due to it’s “watery” fast absorbing formula.

As it’s name suggests it has the ability to fade the dark or red pigmentations which blemishes and minor acne scarring have by using NMF CentellAC-RX complex & Niacinamide 4%. Furthermore has anti-aging effects thanking to it’s ability to boost collagen and elastin.

Now I know not everyone with Oily & Combo skin type have difficulty maintaining a clear complection free from imperfections, however it’s a good idea to have such a lightweight non-oily serum within your routine which can prevent blemishes when you may have congested pores or even outbreaks of hormonal acne.

Regardless of it being placed at the top of the contents list Propolis extract, which tends to be a thick and sticky natural anti-bacterial, doesn’t effect the serum’s featherlight texture/finish. Propolis does however care for the bacteria and oxidants in skin in addition to providing a healthy glow. All points considered this serum is the ideal replacement for heavy or rich serums which drier skin types favour for achieving flawless or ‘glass’ skin.


I’ve spoken about this serum on many occasions as recently as my previous post. However I felt the need to include this in my top 3, as numerous K-Beauty reviewers & enthusiasts have been raving about this since it’s initial release.

This serum includes Centella Asiatica Extract (14.5%) & Niacinamide, yet Tea Tree leaf water (10,000ppm) remains a key ingredient in this serum. It also holds malic acid, glycolic acid, wintergreen leaf extract, cranberry, basil, lilac, rice, meadow foam, & propanediol.

The main functions of this serum is to soothe skin & strengthen it’s protective barrier which are the two most common concerns among people with oily, combination & acne prone skin types. If your skin also tends to be sensitive or your pores become clogged by certain oils, you’ll be pleased to know that this serum contains neither artificial fragrance nor mineral oils.

It’s extremely lightweight & liquidy – making it ideal for placing underneath semi-thick emulsions or gel moisturisers on top of it; contributing to the thin multiple layer structure you should be following in order to care for said skin types.

Last but not least, this serum is one of the most sensible ways to achieve gentle exfoliation in replacement to frequent physical exfoliation (which may I add is an absolute no no for maintaining a healthy water~oil balance). Just ensure you wear a high sunfactor sunscreen each and every time you use this serum or any other AHA based product as it can react negatively when exposed to direct sunlight/UV rays.


After reading this post I hope you can take away some helpful information for yourself or someone else you have in mind.


Disclaimer: Products featured in this post were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association.


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  1. Please, hydrating serums next time. My skin is dull and lonely! Thanks for this post, my sister needs this as she is acne-prone. Have a great day!

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