[#Gifted] イレーン (Irén Skin) Customisable, Vegan J-beauty 🌸

Irén Skin/イレーン is a Japanese Skincare brand reinventing J-beauty as we know it. There are many J-beauty brands and products which have even make their way to the vanity tables of Europeans and beyond, though many of those much loved Japanese beauty staples aren’t Vegan nor qualify as ‘clean’ beauty. In order to change the J-beauty scene, Irén have brought back traditional Japanese rituals & reimagined them into innovative skincare ideal for modern day.

So what makes “tradition meet innovation”?

  • Irén have created an advanced patented technology: Ziplock encapsulation. A Vegan & clean formulation which enables you to customise your own Serum to meet your personal skincare needs specifically.
  • Their products are free from SLS/SLES, parabens, fragrances, silicones, synthetic colours, drying alcohols & mineral oils.
  • Ziplock technology refers to the encapsulation of each serum’s active ingredients, which are freshly released into skin with a time effect for thorough and optimal penetration right through to the Dermis layer of skin.
  • With this patented method, molecules in the serums are encapsulated individually as opposed to the common method of single large encapsulation of molecules.
  • Any 3 of the serums can be combined. There isn’t a risk of the ingredients negatively reacting together or hindering one another’s performance.


IRÉN suggest that you select 3 of their serum’s to either use individually or in tandem. The serums in which you choose should be selected based on your skin concerns. They have 7 superfruit serums to chose from:

‘SKIN REBOOT ANTIOXIDANT SERUM’ – made with Beetroot extract + 4% caffeine solution to defend skin against environmental factors.

‘FOREVER YOUNG ANTI-AGING SERUM’ – curated with Goji Berry extract + 10% Argireline pedtide complex for dual-action skin firming and stimulating collagen.

‘GLOW-GETTER RENEWAL SERUM’ – formulated with pumpkin seed extract + 5% glycolic acid for a gentle yet effective mix of exfoliants, antioxidants, enzymes & probiotics which smooth out uneven skin texture & restore dull skin.

‘STAR LIGHT BRIGHTENING SERUM’ – encapsulates Yuzu fruit extracts + 2% alpha-arbutin to target melanin which have caused dark spots and unifies skin tone. Many people like this Serum for it’s inclusion of Niacinamide.

‘KEEP CALM SOOTHING SERUM’ – brings together avocado extract + 1% Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (an anti-inflammatory derived from Licorice) to care for sensitive skin. It’s lightweight texture brings comfort to irritated skin with it’s composition of 95% cucumber water.

‘QUENCH-UP HYDRATING SERUM’ – combines blueberry extract + 4% NMF solution. It’s delivers 12 moisturising ingredients to skin to plump skin and leave a healthy dewy complexion.

‘CLEARER DAYS ANTI-BLEMISH SERUM’ – bonds Mangosteen extract + 8% Niacinamide to combat acne and other common imperfections; additionally targeting overactive sebum.

Combining 3 serums into a booster customised serum

In the instruction booklet, it is mentioned that you can use just one serum at a time if desired or all three can be combined for optimal efficacy. Most of the time I use all three together to ensure that I use them all before their 6 month expiry date. There are a few ways to combine them: layering a couple of drops of each Serum on top of each other, dispense a little off all 3 serums into clean hands at once (rubbing them together before applying to your skin), or premixing them into a separate container. I use the second method because it’s the quickest and ensures you get a fresh cocktail each and every use.

Its suggested that you use the brand’s vaporiser to enhance the efficacy of the serums, though I will be reviewing my experience of using 3 of the serums I chose myself without the use of the handheld vaporiser.

My experience

The Serums I’m currently using are ‘Clearer Days’, ‘Skin Reboot’ & ‘Glow-getter’. I’ll be discussing these in more depth – adding in information which I didn’t list above.


I chose this Serum with the upcoming Summertime in mind. I don’t have acne-prone skin, however I do have oily skin which secrets a lot of excess sebum moreso in the Summer months than during any other time of the year. If I’m not careful with my cleaning routine, I do find that I start to have breakouts more frequently during this period. With this in mind I chose this serum, and have begun to use it now to protect my skin against future breakouts: this is a function which the brand claim the serum can fulfil. What further drew me to this Serum is it’s ability to calm irritated skin – which is important because skin sensitivity often comes with acne-prone or oily skin types.

Key ingredients:

Mangosteen Extract – “A natural fruit with anti-bacterial properties and calming benefits”.

Niacinamide – “A powerful Antioxidant with anti-acne and anti-inflammatory properties that can regulate sebum”.

White Willow Extract – “Contains anti-inflammatory natural Salicylates (similar to Salicylic acid) that can target acne and has soothing effects”.

    After just one use, I did detect this serum’s calming/soothing effects. It took away the slight burning sensation I had from using another product the night before which wasn’t suitable for my skin. In a sense ‘Clearer Days’ is a little skin saver for times like the one I just mentioned. I think I need to use this Serum for quite some time longer to be able to notice how well it manages overactive sebum production, although it is apparent that the finishing texture of the Serum when used on it’s own doesn’t seem to hinder my skin in any way; I don’t this it has negatively contributed to my skin’s sebum levels. In 6-8 weeks time I aim to provide an update on this particular serum after monitoring how well or not it cares for/prevents breakouts. It has a very minimal tacky texture which I actually like; it feel as if it’s acting as a seal against sebum seeping through to skin’s surface.


    Currently I’m being extra cautious or at least have heightened my awareness of UV ray damage and how exposure to free radicals and blue light cause premature aging, as well as more serious issues like skin cancer. I’m of course using appropriate daily facial sun screens, however I thought this serum would be a sensible addition to my daytime skincare routine to further protect my skin from said factors.

    Key ingredients:

    Beetroot Extract – “A good source of antioxidant that helps the skin to retain moisture and aid in skin renewal”.

    Caffeine – “Contains soothing and antioxidant properties that can minimise the formulation of free radicals and is effective at reducing redness and puffiness”.

    Astaxanthin- “Found in mircoalgae, it contains more antioxidants and is significantly more potent than Vitamin C and E. It provides protection to the skin against damaging UV rays”.

    Most noticeable of all is this serum’s effect on minor redness and puffiness. When used on its own rather than in a cocktail with the other two serums, I like to concentrate on applying it to my smile lines and under eye areas as they need the supply of caffeine most. But when I use this Serum mixed with the others, I apply it all over my face to primarily use it for it’s UV ray shielding characteristic. I found it to me slightly more hydrating that the ‘Clearer Days Serum’ and it provides the same near-sticky finish.


    The main reason for this choice was the serum’s inclusion of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and glycolic acid – both of which are ingredients which I already know work well for improving and maintaining skin texture as gently as possible. Among all the serums this is one I feel like I will benefit from the most because my sensitive skin can’t handle physical scrubs; therefore I reply on the active enzymes to smooth away any little textural issues I may have.

    Key ingredients:

    Pumpkin seed extract – “Contains natural AHAs that help promote increased cellular turnover for a renewed complexion”.

    Glycolic acid – “A type of AHA, typically derived from sugarcane, that can gently exfoliate dead skin cells and increase collagen synthesis to improve the complexion of skin”.

    Provitamin B5 – A vitamin that is essential for healthy skin. It protects the skin, stimulates the healing process and replenishes moisture”.

    Since using this Serum I’ve been able to recognise that I don’t need to reply on AHA peeling gels as much as before, as my skin is getting a good dose of AHAs everyday when using this Serum on it’s own or when grouped with the other serums. The skin around my nostrils doesn’t accumulate rough and reddened dead skin cells anymore, and the little pumps which sometimes appear at the t-zone seem to have diminished.

    Its early days, but I can already tell that I will be repurchasing these serums, and may try out the the anti-aging and soothing varieties next time.

    Let me know in the comments section, which serums would you choose? Do you think combining ingredients this way is effective? Discover Irén Skin for yourself here.


    Disclaimer – The products featured in this blog post were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. Any opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association. Any quotes throughout are sourced from the brand’s website, social media pages or information booklet.


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    3 responses to “[#Gifted] イレーン (Irén Skin) Customisable, Vegan J-beauty 🌸”

    1. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I am on the hunt for new skincare, and having sensitive skin this sounds like something that I could use and not be worried about the after effects of. Definitely going to check this out.

      Thanks for sharing!


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      1. If you ever want some more Korean or Japanese skincare recommendations specifically for sensitive skin, just message me on Twitter (you know I’m usually on there). Nice to see you’ve moved here onto WordPress. I hope everyone is kind to you on here 🙂

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    2. Such an thorough post, explaining everything so nicely! I really like that you can combine the three serums or use just one of them. I’ve never heard of the brand before but it sounds like something I would love to try! Especially the Glow Getter serum is the perfect one for me. 🙂

      xoxo Simone | https://beautymone.com

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