My Top Picks from Kōsame – The House of Korean Beauty™

Kōsame – The House of Korean Beauty™, is a reliable and affordable online shop catering to all your Korean Skincare and K-beauty needs – delivering to the UK & Europe. They stock several loved brands which are adored by those both fairly new to K-beauty, as well as by those who have been delving into the enticing world that is K-beauty for some time now. Some brands you can find on Kōsame’s website and social media pages include the likes of COSRX, Benton, Laneige, Son & Park and several more. Due to my satisfactory experiences with Kōsame, I thought I’d put together an easy read post centred around some of my top picks which they have on offer.


Of course I have to start off with this much loved gentle daily cleanser as pretty much every K-beauty enthusiast has tried it and consider it to be a staple item in their skincare routines. I too have repurchased this cleanser several times and noticed that even in Korea, customers were snatching these up in drugstores over there. Kōsame have this cleanser at a very reasonable price that’s lower than other popular UK retailers – which means if you are in the UK or Europe, it’s now very easy to repurchase this fantastic cleanser without having to worry that you’re going to run out of it by the time one may arrive from half way across the world.

It contains some skin-loving ingredients like tea tree, evening primrose and Japonica leaf extract which makes this a mild enough cleanser for all. It’s paraben free, vegan, cruelty-free, hydrating, reduces the frequency of breakouts, and most greatly of all it strengthens skin’s barrier. What more could you want from a cleanser!?


People who use sheet masks fairly regularly tend to make sure they have a constant supply or back-up amount of their favourite antioxidant masks; green tea being the most common choice. I say that having a rich propolis sheet mask is just as handy when it comes to staple K-beauty products for treating imperfections. This DR. Ceuracle propolis mask is also enriched with vitamins and Royal jelly for intensive nourishment.

The sheet is very comfortable as it’s made from 100% natural cellulose extracted from bamboo trees for optimal delivery of the ampoule’s ingredients and ensures a secure enough fit. Even if propolis is better know for it’s hydrating properties and for revitalising dull skin, a mask like this is great for tackling the inflammation of spots and patches of irritation in general. After using this mask just once, I couldn’t help but want to make sure I have multiple of them in my stash for ’emergencies’.


These hand masks are the optimal treat for hands! Right now we’re all washing our hands more rigorously than ever, which has resulted in dry hands with peeling skin or cracked knuckles. These conditioning patches are an innovative edition to at-home pampering sessions. All you need is a spare 30 minutes to allow the backs of your hands to absorb the nourishment from the serum’s ingredients including aloe leaf juice, hydrolyzed collagen & cactus flower extract – which is becoming increasingly poplar in K-beauty for its ability to hydrate but keep formulas lightweight. Mélu – the founder of Kōsame, loves this product too!


COSRX aren’t shy of producing fantastic variants of essence, so I often get asked: “which is the best Cosrx essence to try first?”. I always answer by suggesting the brand’s snail 96 Mucin power essence; it’s an ultimate source for skin restoration! It can genuinely benefit anyone. It prevents moisture loss, improves elasticity and clears your complexion to leave nothing but a healthy glow to skin.

’96’ refers to the 96% snail Mucin extract which is extracted in coherence to animal cruelty guidelines for producing cosmetics which contain animal derived ingredients. The key benefit of this product and snail secretion in general, is it excels at healing damaged skin and in turn also helps prevent further damage by contributing to the recovery and production of healthy skin cells/a strengthens skin’s barrier. It’s hypoallergenic, paraben and sulphate free, fragrance free, dermatologically tested and ideal for even acne-prone skin.


Surprise, surprise… yet another COSRX product. This time is their most favourable pimple patches which don’t necessarily have to be introduced (I know they are so widely appreciated). The reason why I felt like they need to be included in this list is because they are soooo cheap at Kōsame. I always have these in my bedroom, so that I can apply them to painful cystic acne along my jawline before sleeping. Also, having different sized patches is something I appreciate most because they are many other popular pimple patch brands which aren’t considerate of the need for all sorted sized patches. COSRX have your back!


I have spoken to several skincare bloggers about this mask, and they have all said they rely on this mask in humid climates. Understandably, those in humid climates typically have oilier skin which often suffers from breakouts. This on numerous online beauty sites, including Kōsame, have this mask as one of their most sold items as it simply does exactly as you want it to do. This mask calms skin, reduces the prominence of redness either caused sensitivity or of blemishes directly, cools down skin temperature to diminish redness and inflammation and restores hydration to aid the recovery of spots. It will be perfect for this upcoming Summer!

Once again it is another go-to product to have in you skincare collection to help clear-up skin as rapidly as possible. It’s formulated with 45% Centella Asiatica, which is a substantial amount for strengthening the cell barrier and protecting it against external factors which contribute to skin irritation. Besides, there’s no excuse not to try it when it only costs £2.90.


It was difficult to pick one last item for this list, but I finally settled for these clay masks by Korea’s number 1 skincare high-street brand: Innisfree. I had a tube of this in my bathroom as an essential when I lived in Korea (yeah, I mentioned that again…arrest me). I used it twice per week to care for my pores, focusing at the t-zone area. If you have combination or oily skin, this rinse-off mask will be particularly helpful for you as it’s main jobs are to soak-up excess sebum whilst decongesting clogged and stressed pores.

The volcanic scoria minerals work on extracting the negatives, whereas essential mineral oils give back to skin what it has lost through cleansing. When washing it off it has a slight bubbling effect for additional cleansing benefits. What’s more is a little goes a long way!

If you want to check out Kōsame for yourself, simply click “here” or use my code: emma05 to get 10% off your order. They also have an informative blog on their site discussing their favourite and newest product editions.


Disclaimer – Any links throughout this post are affiliate links. They support me in a small way so I can continue to review skincare. By using my affiliate link or cod, you are also supporting a small female owned British business 🙂

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