So…I started a YouTube Channel ☺️🎥

Hiya readers, how’s life? Maybe a bit boring, eh? Well this current situation right now has somehow lead me to finally starting a YouTube channel! As cliché as it sounds, starting a YouTube Channel has been something I’ve been wanting to do for years. But it’s true, I’ve more or less grown up watching YouTube and have therefore learnt a thing or two about the ins-and-outs of platform; so I thought I might as well give it a try.

Of course it’s early days so it’s too hard to tell how things will go with it; it could be something I start to take seriously or it could end up just being a hobby. Who knows?

So part of the reason I have started a YouTube is because I understand well that reading a blog site isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. By no means am I the sort of person to insist that blogging is dying or a passing fad (obviously not, almost everytime you Google something you end up landing on someone’s blog), but I may turn some of my blog posts into videos for convenience and to hopefully reach a wider audience. So if you somehow actually like my reading my blog you don’t need to worry – I’m not going anywhere!

For now I’m still building my confidence to show myself on camera, but I can say I’m getting there. I’m not a shy as I once was years ago and using Instagram more over the past year has given me some practice when it comes to showing my face and talking a bit on camera.

Nevertheless, so far I’ve been creating ASMR style videos – still centred around my love of skincare and K-Beauty. Although I may end up making other types of videos further down the line if it feels right, is enjoyable for me as much as it is for you & also depending on where I am/what I’m up to in life.

So, are you going to tag along for the journey? 😁 Don’t forget to subscribe & come say “hi” on my first video ➡️ here

If you’re a small YouTuber, please link your channel below so we can start supporting eachother 🙌

6 Comments Add yours

  1. So nice to know you have created a youtube channel! Best of luck going forward!

    P.S. Your voice is really soothing 🙂

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    1. Thanks for everything 💛


  2. Congratulations on making this big step. I hope your channel will grow in next few months a lot. xx


  3. Cordelia. says:

    Hi! Nice to see you finally create one after so long! I look forward to seeing more content! My YT channel is Cordelialjy! 😄


  4. jerserry says:

    Lovely one! Subscribe for you 🥰

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    1. Thank you as always 💛

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