[#Gifted] Grüum Skincare & Haircare Review (Vegan & Cruelty-free 🌱🐰).

Before getting into the main details about British skincare brand ‘Grüum’, I must say this is one of the brands I’m most pleased to introduce you to. I admire their values & all they strive for.

Grüum is a clean & cruelty-free skincare brand who also sell haircare & shaving products that are not only kind to us, but also to our plant. The four friends from Manchester, England – were greatly inspired by Scandinavian ideals. They aim to only create products that serve a real purpose and are handy for daily life. To them it’s all about using quality ingredients without overcomplicating things. What I like most is how they dropped those typical, unnecessary “for him” & “for her” labels – also removing any gimmicky buzz words or so called functions.

Grüum pür Gentle Moisturiser

This is described as a lightweight, fragrance free moisturiser with the aim to bring hydration to sensitive skin types. It can be used morning or night. Its formulated with 96% naturally derived ingredients including: Matricaria flower oil, sage leaf extract, Camellia leaf extract, and apple fruit extracts. I was glad to see that it also contains Niacinamide for reducing the redness and minor inflammation associated with irritated sensitive skin, and with regular use it can constrict pore size over time by regulating sebum production. I think some people who take a look at the ingredients list of this moisturiser will be taken a back by then inclusion of alcohol, which is placed high up in the contents list (placing 2nd). However it is Cetearyl Alcohol – a non-toxic, non-drying alcohol which is made by two fatty alcohols which are usually sourced from coconuts, palm, corn or soy vegetables. Due to the chemical structure of Cetearyl Alcohol and it’s properties is FDA approved and therefore when used in skincare or even haircare, the product can be labelled as “alcohol-free”.

For this type of product Cetearyl alcohol performs as a vegan-friendly emollient or stabilizer due to it’s wax like nature. I wouldn’t say this is like a gel-cream hybrid type of moisturiser, however it is still not overly greasy. I’d say it’s more targeted at sensitive dry skin than sensitive combination~oily skin types. For me personally this is the ideal moisturiser for Autumn/Winter, but as my skin is more on the oily side in Spring/Summer I would require something even lighter. For reference, the texture is similar to that of Nivea Daily Essentials – Sensitive Day Cream, but without the residue once absorbed into skin.

Grüum gösta Facial Tonic

First of all, I’m glad this tonic exists! It’s handy, travel sized and safe enough to use as frequently as I feel necessary. It’s formulated around two key ingredients: Witch Hazel – for calming sensitive skin and to a degree helps maintain clear skin & Orange – known for brightening dull and uneven skin tones; also bring a dose of vitamin c. It’s free from EDTA (an acid previously used in the medical and industrial industries which is highly unsafe for countless reasons), parabens, sulphates, SLS, SLES, artificial fragrances and colours. This is a pump action, spray tonic/toner which sprays widely and strongly. I find 2~3 sprays are enough to cover my face entirely. Is it contains both aloe vera and royal jelly extracts: hydrating enough for most skin types. I keep it in my bathroom to spritz my face directly after cleansing to prevent dehydration by the time I get dressed and start to apply my other skincare. The only issue is it contains alcohol – not specifying which alcohol exactly – so it may sting skin a little bit if you have a weakened skin barrier. I use skin strengthening skincare in conjunction to this tonic, so I rarely experience this side effect.

Grüum kÿra Gentle Face Wash

This is another Grüum product containing 96% naturally derived ingredients. This particular face cleanser comes with the additional purpose of soothing skin with eucalyptus, lavender and aloe vera. Simply it’s a hydrating, purifying and soothing face wash. Just like all of their products its suitable for all genders and ages as skincare should be. It is a gel type cleaner with plenty of oil extracts to minimise the chance of friction when cleansing; which in turn reduces the presence of skin redness and irritation. Because this cleanser isn’t synthetic, the plant juices/extracts greatly contribute to the smooth texture of it. It doesn’t leave residue after rinsing. I’ll go as far as saying it’s one of the most gentle gel like cleansers I’ve ever used.

Grüum altruist SPF50 face Sunscreen

Among all of the Grüum products I’ve used so far, I’d say this sunscreen is an absolute essential which you should try out first. Rarely in the UK can you find a factor 50 facial sun protection product; in fact most of the time factor 30 or less is all you’ll find in your local supermarket or drugstore and sometimes they are for use on the body only. So without a doubt, I’m genuinely pleased to have this at hand. Because of how expense factor 50 sunscreens can be in the UK, I assumed this would be pricey, but guess how much it costs?… Just £6! That’s an absolute bargain considering many of us skincare lovers pay on average $10~$15 to buy imported Korean and Japanese sunscreens with such a high spectrum of sun protection. You can even buy it for cheaper at just £5, if you subscribe to Gruum. They also have a matching body sunscreen. It absorbs easily, it’s non-greasy or sticky, fragrance-free, water resistant and protects skin against both UVA & UVB.

Grüum hår Shampoo Bar

I’ve been using another vegan shampoo bar from the past 5 or 6 months and just finished it, so this came to my door at just the right time. Grüum make 3 types of shampoo bars – I have the nourishing version called ‘Simply Coconut’. Infused with coconut oil, this shampoo adds shine to dull and heat-damaged hair. It smells just a amazing as you can imagine. I like how it is made with just a handful of ingredients: Sodium coco sulphate, coconut oil, water, Parfum and Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone. As the sulphates aren’t synthetic it doesn’t dry out hair. It lathers nicely similar to the way a body wash foams rather than a traditional shampoo. Not a lot is needed, so I estimate this shampoo bar will last up to 3.5/4 months when used every other day. More than anything I think it’s very gentle on the scalp, which is something we all need to take into account more. A lot of us don’t realise that the skin on our face is the same as that on our scalp. If you have sensitive skin on your face, most likely your scalp is going to require some gentle care and tailored attention too.

Gruum glôs Conditioner Bar

Again this is a nourishing haircare item. It is a coconut infused conditioner for all hair types. It feels like a wax candle melt and smells like a heaven. Dampening the bar with some warm water under the shower will enable you to coat your hands with the creamy conditioner as you rub it between you warm hands. Combing it through your hair with your fingers is as straightforward as using a traditional conditioner. Alternatively you can rub the bar along your hair from root to end as long as your hair and the bar itself is already wet/damp. I find that it provides enough hydration for my somewhat normal hair. However I do like to focus applying it to the lengths and ends more so than at the roots to avoid greasiness.

What to take a look at Grüum for yourself? – Click here

What is most important to you when buying and choosing Skincare and haircare? For me right now, I like sustainable and cruelty-free products.


Disclaimer – The products featured in this post were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association. This is not sponsored or paid content.


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2 responses to “[#Gifted] Grüum Skincare & Haircare Review (Vegan & Cruelty-free 🌱🐰).”

  1. Wow Gruum have come a long way since I got my partner to try their men’s products a few years ago! Great to see! 🥰

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  2. Love the sound of the shampoo and conditioning bars. But I’m super curious – how does the conditioning bar compare to Lush’s bar conditioner?


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