[#Gifted] Geolenses Colour Circle Lense Review 👁️👁️

Let’s go back to a few weeks ago…

England, finally had some Sunny weather which brought the opportunity to slap on some makeup for the first time in weeks to only go into the back garden for a BBQ in lockdown. For the not so special occasion, I opened a new pair of “Geolica Circle Colour Contact Lenses” from Geo Coloured Lenses, in the shade “Choco Brown” 🍫

– They’re available both in prescription & non prescription.

– Diameter: 14.2mm,

– Base Curve: 8.60mm,

– 3 month wear,

– made from Sterile Hydrophilic PHEMA (a hydrogel made in Korea).

The reason I chose this medium brown colour is because I thought it would complement the Hazel Green of my natural eye colour, that already has some flecks of light brown, which will peak through the centre of the circle lenses. I think these are fairly natural looking & I like how it doesn’t have a dark outer ring, otherwise I’d look like something out of one of Tim Burton’s movies.

Wearing them without makeup makes them stand out a little too piercingly against my pale skintone, however once I apply a little pink or peach toned makeup I think they suit me well & gives me a similar eye colour to that of what my Grandmother had. They are actually quite comfortable even if my eyes are sensitive.

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More about Geo ⬇️

Geo Coloured Lenses was founded back in 2008, the founder theirself swears by the comfort of safety of Geo Medical lenses. It has been certified and approved by the ISO (International Standard Organisation), CE (Conformité Européenne – Europe), KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration) and MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare). It is the only global lense company to have been approved by the US (Food & Drug Administration).

Lenses on their website differ in dimeter, colour, material, etc – however they always ensure that they pass safety standards. One of the key factors in the testing process is to ensure the eyeball gets a sufficient supply of oxygen and isn’t restricted in movement, or as mentioned, limited of oxygen.

Full details in relation to their manufactory process is available here.

The website enables you to refine your search by lense colour, style, deal, collection and “best sellers”. You may select your preferred currency and gift certificates are available for purchase.

For those who are interested, they have many different vibrant coloured lenses as well as natural styles. Their more colourful lenses are preferred by Cosplayers, who often model the lenses on the Geo website and social media pages.

I’ve used Geo on and off over the last 4 or 5 years, and can confirm my experience with them has always been positive. Of course due to current pandemic deliver periods are longer, however in usual circumstances they arrived within a reasonable amount of time and packaged well. Their team hand email enquiries well if you have any queries about your order.

Thinking of trying them out for yourself? Here is the link to their website.


Disclaimer – The product featured in this post was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association. This is not sponsored or paid content.


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