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I never get bored of K-Beauty, and hopefully neither do you, because today I bring you another Korean Beauty themed blog post. Today’s post will ‘touch’ on GlamTouch (…punny). I’ve been using products from GlamTouch – the one stop destination for K-Beauty since February of this year and have discussed both the brand and a selection of their products on my Instagram and perhaps in other blog posts (errrrrm…my brain is like a sieve, I don’t remember which blog posts exactly) several times.

But today, to make things more organized and more easily accessible to you, I’m going to talk about all the products I’ve tried and tested from their shop in one post (you’re welcome, please don’t bow – that’s a bit excessive).

I will discuss 3 brands: Commleaf, Merbliss & Banobagi.

Commleaf Skin Relief Moisture Cream

What drew my to this brand is the natural & simplistic mood set by their packaging designs & of course the ingredients in which they use across the majority of their skincare. As moisturiser should be one of the last steps in a skincare routine you need it to be as hydrating as possible so that it can gradually seep into skin throughout the day/night – hence why the formula of this gel was curated around several botanical extracts which are know for their high-moisture contents.

The 6th ingredient within this is Centella Asiatica: by now I’m sure many of you are familiar with it’s skin-soothing abilities. Aloe leaf appears to greatly contribute to the the lightweight, bubbled texture of this gel-type moisturiser.

Other ingredients: Glycerin, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract, chamomilla/Matricaria flower extract, lavender, jasmine, broccoli, bioflavonoids (plant derived Vitamin C), Coix Lacryma-job Ma-yuen (‘Job’s-tears’ – a cereal grass native to tropical regions of Asia) seed extract, Propanediol, Eucalyptus, etc.

This cream (gel) hasn’t been tested on animals, nor does it contain commonly known harmful ingredients; infact all the ingredients used in this are EWG green graded (low hazard).

My thoughts
I totally appreciate how well this cream can cool down skin’s temperature & can see how this would be particularly helpful for those with sensitive combination/oily skin. During the Summertime or when in humid climates this will be essential for keeping sebum under control & for creating thinly layered skincare; as long as it is used in conjunction to other lightweight formulas. For me it provided enough hydration throughout an extended period of time & therefore was more effective than using a aloe gel for instance. I thought I’d require a generous scoop of it in order to entirely cover my face, but as it doesn’t absorb too rapidly a little goes a long way. Now that I’ve been impressed by this cream, I’m eager to try out more Commleaf skincare.

Merbliss Sheet Masks

Merbliss Wedding Dress Intense Hydration Mask – This is a grade 3 or 3rd generation mask, meaning the quality and science behind it is more developed than that of standard cheap masks that you can buy in bulk. It’s formulated with a Triple Hylauronic acid conplex, peptides and trehalose – a glucose dervived from cacoons.

As the name suggests it’s intended purpose is to supply an extra specialised dose of hydration to dry skin and balance hydration levels overall. A Cellulose fabric has been used here – known for its comfort and lightweight feel, Cellulose is the common fabric choice for newer generation sheet masks. It is a self-proclaimed premium mask mainly due to the inclusion of luxurious skin-glowing ingredients like caviar extracts and pearl powders all contained within the top quality fibres.

“Wedding Dress™” was designed to ‘help ladies to acquire bright and luxurious skin tone, just like the bride on a wedding day’.

My first impressions were nothing but positive. It certainly a comfortable mask that’s both thick enough to represent quality, yet at the same time retain a light weight thin enough to allow the essence to absorb effectively. I believe the triple HA complex greatly contributes to plumping skin that may not have received enough hydration for a prolonged amount of time. Essentially its a good ‘pick me up’ for skin at the end of a long week.

Merbliss Wedding Dress Aloe Honey Soothing Clear Seal Mask – This differs to the other mask I just mentioned, as if it’s should be in a separate range considering it is a 100% natural, clear mask whereas the other is nude.

Enriched with aloe, propolis and honey extracts this mask is suitable for sensitive, minor dry skin, and combination skin types. I used this towards the end of Winter/Early spring as it seemed fitting for healing sparse patches of flaking skin caused by the cold strong winds during that time.

Between the two this is my favourite. I actually like how it leaves a slight tackiness to skin, but it leaves skin feeling as equally replenished as when I had used the other. As propolis and honey are particularly great for caring for acne prone skin, I’d say using this occasionally should be safe especially when fragrance is placed so low down (last) in the contents list. It’s also rich in castor oil, glycol & camellia extracts.

Banobagi Sheet Masks

If Banobagi is new to you, here’s what you need to know: they’re one of the world’s most widely recognised skincare/cosmetic surgery clinics hailing from South Korea. To enable those with skincare concerns to access their skincare products outside of their clinics, they provide commercial products for us to utilise at home. They are constantly expanding & improving their skincare ranges to cater to the needs of skincare lovers who may additionally require specialist skincare. Here I have 8 of the 11 Banobagi sheet masks which are newly available over on the GlamTouch website.

Vita Genic Jelly Mask types:

– Hydrating, Vitamin E for (blue)

– Lifting, Vitamin A (red)

– Relaxing Jeju Aloe, Vitamin B (green)

– Pore Tightening, Anti sebum (pink)

– Vitalising, Collagen (purple)

– Recovery/Cica, Centella complex (teal)

– Brightening, Vitamin C (orange/yellow).

Vita Cocktail Foil Mask varieties:

– Brightening, Vita complex (silver)

– Age/aging, Vita complex (gold)

– Hydrating/aqua, Vita complex (metallic blue).


Banobagi Milk Thistle Repair Mask

They’re too many to review all at once so I will review one jelly mask, one foil mask and the Milk Thistle Mask.

First up is the Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask – Pore Tightening version. This mask has several functions all related to improving skin elasticity, smoothness & anti-wrinkling. All of these functions are supported by it’s anti-sebum P complex (a patented technology which protects skin for UV damage, to an extent cleanses pores & reduces inflammation) and Jeju Sanbang mountain spring thermal water based formula to create a viscous ampoule to saturate the fabric. What I’m more focused on is the 50,000pm worth of vitamins that are in this mask. The 11 vitamin lipsomes contribute to the delivery of vitamins into skin cells to more directly provide plenty of hydration as well as nutrients.

Absolutely this mask firms skin. My skin was feeling depleted yesterday evening as I somehow forgot to use any kind of hydration product after cleansing in the morning (I’m an idiot, I know). This mask restored hydration without greasiness & overall just made my skin feel bouncier again. I found that I didn’t even have to apply a oil treatment overnight after using this mask, as what it supplied was sufficient enough. Despite containing evening primrose extract I didn’t experience any irritation, not even a tingle. There seems to be a good balance between plant extracts and manmade ingredients. If you really like well drenched sheet masks you’ll love these!

The Aqua foil mask in the foil range aims to bring a dose hydration to skin with additional anti-wrinkle & whitening functions. It’s a triple-layer foil mask with an inner cotton layer which lays comfortably against skin without evaporating the essence. It contains mineral water for strengthening the skin barrier; Hydrolyzed collagen & Witch Hazel also provide moisture & restore skin back to a healthy state without the formula being harsh on skin.

Interestingly it further includes 9 types of liposomized vitamins (40,000ppm) including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, C, and E – these contribute to improving skin’s elasticity and vitality. It’s free from 11 chemicals & artificial ingredients.

This mask is more comfortable than I expected. I assumed it would give limited movement to my face throughout wear (not that you should be talking when using a sheet mask anyway). The cotton layer certainly makes all the difference for enabling the mask to stay in place as well as possible. I think it was a sensible design to halve the mask in to two separate sections, as the sheet is of course thicker and heavier than a single layer mask. It took the usual 20 minutes for the majority of the essence to absorb into skin and didn’t require much more attention than an ordinary mask. Just as I hoped it left my skin feeling bouncier without any negative side effects.

As Milk Thistle Repair is one of the most widely sold ranges by Banobagi, I saved this like a treasured possession. The Milk Thistle Repair Mask is the ideal defense for stressed and sensitive skin with a mild pH 5.47~7.47 essence (milk thistle at 10,000ppm). It’s creamy essence brings comfort to irritated skin which lacks a youthful appearance and softness. It has a high niacinamide content for improving skin texture without causing complications to even the most sensitive of skin types.

Simply to say this mask has crept into my top 10 favourite sheet masks. It’s the type of mask you can use without fear when your skin is in a weak condition (of course not with open sores), perhaps because of accidentally using another product that’s too strong or acidic for your skin. With regular use 2~3 times per week this mask can strengthen skin’s protective barrier. What’s more it is a Oeko-Tex® fabric – a certified material free from 100 harmful recognised substances and chemicals. It is considered safe to wear against skin, which is why they are also making protective wear during this pandemic.

I can see myself repurchasing this one time and time again.

And that’s it! That’s my review of some fab products from GlamTouch. May I quickly add that GlamTouch provide an excellent service. They package the products carefully and pay attention to detail, they always make sure to reply to emails promptly, and they often provide samples with orders of a certain value.

I really hope you will consider supporting their small business, so check them out here.


Disclaimer – The products featured in this blog post were gifted in exchange for honest reviews (received as PR). However all opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association.

Video Music: “Rain”

Musician: @iksonoffical on IG (sourced via InShot).


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