[#Ad] An Introduction to “Billionaire Beauty”.

Be honest, there has definitely been more than the one occasion when you’ve purchased a beauty product purely because the on-screen advertisement was attractive or because you recognised the big brand – right? How many times have you then shoved that cosmetic or beauty product to one side without ever using it even once? Or maybe your friend/family member brought you face cream not knowing your skin type, so you have no idea what to do with it…

It’s time to stop thinking: “I’ll give it a try at some point” or “maybe I can just give it a friend… they might want it”. This is where Billionaire Beauty (BB) comes in – an innovative British online marketplace specifically for new and unused second-hand beauty products. Essentially Billionaire Beauty is the new go-to platform which combines both an opportunity to earn some money by selling your beauty products, whilst also giving way to engage with the BB community with the chance to build business relationships.

BB like to keep things simple and straightforward: this means cutting out all the confusing and sometimes misleading advertisements in relation to beauty products; putting trustworthy sellers in connection with buyers (vice versa). This way you can clearly see what items are available, and read through their descriptions without bothersome influences.


So how exactly does it work, you ask? Sellers gather the item(s) they’d like to sell, take good quality photos of the product and upload those photos along with a accurate and honest description and a price. If a buyer wishes to purchase a listing they will pay through PayPal – the most reliable and secure method for online money transactions. BB only applies a 10% commission on sales. Once a buyer receives their product, they can leave a review of their experience and close the listing. It’s that easy!

Here is my account as an example.

How does Billionaire Beauty stand-out among other marketplaces?

There are numerous benefits from using their service, I’ll cover these points concisely:

It’s a free service for both customers and suppliers. They welcome anyone who has new or unused second hand beauty products, businesses, beauty enthusiasts, beauty brands and niche boutiques.

They can utilise BB as a way of making an extra income.

It’s a great way to support small businesses and individuals.

There is availability to a wide range of beauty from both small and big brands, often priced lower than at well known retailers.

As it is a British owned business, BB contribute to the British economy.

Selling on and rehoming beauty items is more eco-friendly; it prevents contributing to landfill as otherwise unused products often go out-of-date and have to be discarded.

You can find your favourite or trending products at more affordable prices; including items which fall into vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly categories.

Billionaire Beauty are continuously working on improving their marketplace to heighten the quality of your experience; including the development of their internal shares program.

Its fair to say Billionaire Beauty is a convenient tool for all of us. It’s suitably accessible from your computer, smartphone, etc. Enabling us to regain the money which we may feel we have wasted on beauty products which aren’t suitable for us personally, yet could be something someone else can appreciate to the fullest.

The search bar feature is particularly useful if you have a specific beauty category you’d like to browse, whilst the ‘invite new users’ section allows you spread the word about how fantastic and helpful BB is. In fact the entire left sidebar menu is clear to understand and covers all necessary points to ensure your sales or purchases run smoothly.

The left-hand side menu has all you need.

Other than that, there’s not much else to it. It’s a realistic approach to buying and selling beauty. Take a look at their website for yourself: www.billionairebeauty.co.uk

Sign-up and see what’s on offer!

Keep updated about BB through their social media pages:



Disclaimer – This is a paid advertisment.

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