[#Gifted] Anxt – The Vegan Friendly Supplement for Anxiety & Stress πŸŒ±

Anxt is a natural & vegan-friendly aid to help alleviate anxious thoughts, stress and nervousness which may occur in day-to-day life or during the night. Anxiety is a more common occurrence than you may realise; it’s said that 1 in 6 UK adults have experienced anxiety in some shape or form in their lifetime. As someone who has had peaks of anxiety throughout my life, I have refrained from taking any sort of editable aid to help relieve these pressures and suppress such feelings – mainly because of the stigma around anxiety being something you can control just by “not thinking about it”.

Now that I have grown to be no longer be embarrassed by having anxiety, I want to openly discuss how Anxt as been helping me. They have two main products: “Breathe. Relax. Rest. Night Capsules” & “Breathe. Spray. Relax. Daytime Spray”. You can purchase these products separately or together in a pack. I will talk about the Night Capsules first.

They’re made from 100% Natural Blend of Plant Extracts, a pot contains 60 capsules (1-2 months supply), 1 to be taken 30 minutes before bed once per day.

Key ingredients: Bacopa 210mg – used in traditional Indian medicine for anxiety as well as other attention effecting disorders,

Lemon balm extract 70mg – chosen for its calming abilities as it is from the mint family,

Hydroxytryptophan (5-Htp) 120mg – produced from the seeds of the African Griffonia simplicifolia plant known for containing hypericin and hyperforin – used for their antidepressant properties,

L-theanine 70mg – an amino acid commonly found in calming teas,

Gaba 70g – a naturally occuring amino acid in the brain which acts as a neurotransmitter… when attached to a protein receptor in the brain it induces a calming effect,

Rhodiola rosea 90mg & Ashwagandha 170mg extracts – adaptogens which help our bodies to adapt to stress etc.

4 or so days into routinely taking these night capsules, I noticed that I drifted off to sleep quicker than beforehand & enabled me to sleep more comfortably with less frequent disturbances in my sleep pattern. Of course this isn’t the sort of capsule which will knock you out so to speak alike a prescribed sleeping pill, however it did make my insomnia less intense. I’ve waking up just a few times throughout the night instead of 5+ like before as I’m more relaxed; meaning overall the quality of my sleep is better and I can get back to sleep quicker than when I wasn’t using these capsules.

As supplements of this kind are controversial and fairly new to the health market, I will be provide an update of my experience in a month or so. Until then, what supplements or products have you used to aid sleep? – Let me know in the comments so I can look into them.

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