Let’s Talk About Ways to Ease Anxiety, Stress & Sleeping Problems.

Today I’m bringing back a topic which I haven’t spoken about on SimplyEm’sBlog for some time now, and that is the subject of Mental Health. There as a number of reasons as to why I’ve decided to discuss this again, these reasons being:

– My own mental health hasn’t been great these days,
– Given the current situation we are all facing, it’s apparent that more people than ever are experiencing anxiety and stress,
– I want to reiterate that there is no miracle that can alleviate depression (or other mental health issues) forever, and so episodes will reoccur from time to time – it’s about how to cope with them that we must openly discuss.

With this being said I’d like to focus on sharing with you some products I’ve been using recently to ease anxiety, insomnia and stress during the daytime and night. By no means am I suggesting that these products are a ‘”cure” to such mental health issues, which can magically banish the suppressing feelings in association. I must make it clear that if you believe you are experiencing depression for example, or you have been diagnosed with a disorder which effects your mental state, please take the advice and follow medical practices of health care professionals for long-term help. And for the same reason, please do not replace any prescribed medications for the products I will discuss throughout this blog post.

A note to my regular readers: This isn’t a like my typical uploads centred around skincare, so please bare with me. I just need to take a little break to speak about mental health and well-being for a moment. Although you my like to read about the body moisturiser featured in this post.

For reference or some background information, I am using these products because I experience episodes of anxiety and frequently have disturbed patterns of sleep in connection to chronic depression; as well as general personal issues in daily life. I suppose in a way this is an updated version of the ‘Keep Calm Kit’ blog post I wrote some years ago.

Now that that’ said and done, let me introduce the first product…

thisworks® – Deep sleep™ pillow spray

I’ve come across pillow sprays before, but because it’s not yet among the most common of household items I kept forgetting to purchase one. And this version came within perfect timing, as my sleeping issues have heightened since returning to the UK for several reasons. For now I won’t concentrate on discussing my own personal issues in great detail – just briefly – as I want this to be inclusive for all considering some people are experiencing anxiety, stress and depression for the first time in their lives due to the pandemic. Anyway, I’ve used this almost every night for 2 or 3 weeks by spritzing it a couple of times directly onto my pillow as directed by the instructions. I find that it lasts on my pillow for a few days straight, so I don’t necessarily have to spray it every night 30 minutes before sleeping simply because I don’t want the aroma to be so intense that it becomes a nuisance.

– It is made from a natural, aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, vetiver (a grass native to India) and camomile.
– It’s vegan & cruelty-free.
– Suitable during pregnancy.

I definitely think this helped me to fall asleep sooner and I woke up less often as it created a cosy atmosphere. I suppose in a sense, that when you have an aroma to fill the space around you, you are less inclined to focus on other things which can lead to negative emotions or anxious thoughts. The only thing is my skin is a bit sensitive to lavender, so I don’t like to spray it so much that it dampens my pillow case. So next time I’d like to try the “love sleep” version of the spray which uses ylang ylang and patchouli instead – providing the same comforting fragrance for improved quality of sleep. In fact there are more positive reviews for “love sleep”.

Tisserand Aromatherapy – Mind Clear Diffuser Oil

I often get headaches located in different areas of my head – with the most common being stress headaches and anxiety/frontal tension headaches. Stress headaches are the ones that feel like they are radiating from the top-centre of the head and can run down the back of the head, onwards to the back of the neck; whereas anxiety/frontal tension headaches centre themselves at the forehead and maybe also the temples, but not the eyes. In these cases I know that drinking extra water for hydration isn’t going to the only relief I need, nor is it a matter of poor digestion. So I use 4 or so drops of this in a diffuser – placing it so that the mist directs itself to where I’m sitting or laying down.

There’s no allotted time for the oil to work, but on average it seems to ease the intensity of my headaches within 20~40 minutes depending on the severity. It’s made from a 100% natural blend of peppermint, lavender and lemon – which from experience of using stress relieving products is the best trio. Some people like to use this for aiding concentration whilst working, reading, etc. Personally I like to use the diffuser compatible version of this oil as I think it’s more impactful to use a diffuser for aromatherapy and not just reaping the benefits of vapour water for skin and the respiratory system. Although “mind clear” is available in as a roller ball for applying at the pulse points of your body.

Clipper – Snore & Peace Tea

I vaguely remember mentioning this tea 3 or 4 years ago in a post about tea recommendations for all times of the day, but I must include it in this post as I started to reuse it. Its a tea blend of the best trio I mentioned just before: Chamomile, lavender and lemon balm. I drink it 1hr~30 minutes before sleeping to further get myself into a state of relaxation. During this time I try to limit my screen time, and gradually sip it whilst applying my evening skincare or listen to a podcast – usually listening to something that’s comedic or lighthearted is best before sleep, rather than listening to a discussion about the news and world issues.

I believe the brewing time is only 3 minutes, but I like to leave the tea bag in so that’s the aroma is more fragrant and the taste is more impactful. If you want to drink the tea in cold water, because summer nights can be humid, then you’d most likely want to consider leaving the tea bag in the water for thorough diffusion (or is it ‘infusion’…?). Pukka tea’s version of sleep tea – which combines lavender, oat flower and lime flower – is also a good option; though I tend to find Clipper Snore & Peace to be more aromatic if that’s what you’re looking for.

Anxt Nighttime Capsules

I have a whole post dedicated to these night capsules, so check it out ‘here‘.
Briefly to say, these use a vast mixture of ingredients derived for all over the world. They are vegan and cruelty-free, suppling 2 months worth of capsules to help induce a more peaceful sleep for those who experience anxiety in the silence of the night. As long as you take them without other stimulates (i.e. coffee, alcohol, caffeine and use a blue light filter on you electronic devices) around the time of consumption, then these may help you to sleep quicker or most commonly it prevents disturbed sleep. I went from waking up 6+ times during a night, to just twice.

thisworks® – Deep Sleep™ Body Cocoon

I don’t use this product everyday, as I feel like the other products I use help me enough during the transition for day to night for the most part. I use this in evenings when I’ve taken a shower instead of in the morning. It’s another product to support good quality sleep, but in turn it promotes skin wellness.

When I talk passionately about skincare some people just don’t get it. They think it’s a sign of vanity. Absolutely I want to look good, but for me skincare is moreso a practice similar to that of meditation and massage. The actual act of applying skincare is just as beneficial as the products and ingredients in them themselves. I find evening skincare routines to be something to look forward to at the end of a day – it’s not a bore or a chore, it’s a moment of peace and time to self-care. And so this body moisturiser encompasses exactly that. You have to think of aromatherapy skincare as essential as brushing your teeth or other personal care habits.

Because ‘body cocoon’ is made from a similar composition as most of the other calming products I use, I have no worries about using them all in conjunction if I feel need be. What’s more it is a “powerful anti-aging superblend of shea butter, crambe and camelina sativa oils…with lavender, vertivert and Chamomile”.

Peppermint Tea

If you want to explore teas as a way to relieve stress and headaches related to stress and anxiety, peppermint tea is a good starting point. It’s not a complex tea with all sorts thrown into the blend for flavour and fanciness. Most peppermint teas straightforwardly include different peppermint and sometimes spearmint leaves which make for a refreshing tea to clear the mind and also aids digestion as a little something extra.

Despite green tea – Matcha and Sencha – being my favourite all rounder tea, peppermint is my most appreciated discovery. There came I time when I would drink it twice daily, and it really helped with the headache symptoms of stress and anxiety so that I could focus on things I wanted to do. Any basic type or brand will do, but caffeine free is ideal.

thisworks® – Stress check™ roll-on

This is the type of product that initially got me interested in aromatherapy and using natural ingredients to help me live more comfortably. It’s something to use during the daytime rather than at night, but I couldn’t leave this out of the list. All you have to do is roll is onto the pulse points of your body: wrists, sides of your neck almost towards the bottom of your ear lobes, the crease of your inner arms (brachial artery) and temples are most effective for surrounding yourself with the unwinding scent. Sometimes throughout the day, I just like to sniff the scent on my wrists to boost that refreshing feel for both the senses and mind – it sounds odd, but its totally safe as you don’t actually inhale it.


I hope this post proves to be helpful to some of you. Please share in the comments your coping mechanisms for anxiety, stress or depression. The more we speak about mental health and sleeping issues in connection, the more we can help one another. If I discover any other products which I believe to be particularly helpful, I’ll either add them to this list later down the line or upload a second half to this post.

Thanks for reading.


Disclaimer – Some of the items in this blog post were gifted in exchange for blog content production for another site; however I have not been asked to discuss or advertise/review the products. Therefore this blog post has been put together on my own accord and has not been influenced by the brand or any company in association.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Ways to Ease Anxiety, Stress & Sleeping Problems.

  1. Great post, thank you for the great tips. I’ve not heard of some of these, but I’ll have to check them out 🙂 I’m glad tea has been helping- when I was in school I used to have a peppermint tea the night before an exam and I found it very relaxing. I also love tea when I have cramps or feel a bit sick.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. Someone has gifted a sleeping pillow spray for my birthday since I do struggle with sleep but I’ve not tried to use it before. You can say maybe I’m a sceptic but maybe it’s time I try it😊✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve always wanted to try the pillow mist!! I have trouble sleeping too and I’m like the most anxious person in the UK so I might give this a go x


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