[#Gifted] TOMNZY (톰앤지) Bag – “Spray some glitter on your life!” ✨

Something I haven’t mentioned here before is that I love collecting bags – nothing fancy, I don’t own anything designer, but I like to “collect” (hoard) unique bags. Recently I came into contact with the creator of TOMNZY (톰앤지) – a handmade bag company based in S.Korea.

I’ve been using their gorgeous & versatile LUCKY BAG over the last couple of weeks and find it to be the perfect size for days when all you need is to carry around your essentials.

The LUCKY BAG follows the much loved bucket-bag style and currently comes in 4 colours: Magenta, Turquoise, Gold and Navy. I chose the navy one as is a dark, almost black shade of navy which will compliment most outfits. The LUCKY BAG is unique in the sense that it sparkles when light reflects off the glossy material! In direct sunlight or when an artificial light of some sort is shone onto the Navy Lucky Bag, the bag noticeably glimmers with specks of purple-blue and silver coloured glitter which is embedded in the material (not on the surface and therefore doesn’t transfer when touched).

What I like most about the Lucky Bag is that it comes with both a hand/shoulder strap as well as a full-length cross-body strap, which are easily detachable and adjustable to your liking. I really like the attention to detail on the straps with it’s hint of red piping. The drawstring fastening helps the bag to retain it’s money bag/pouch shape. Although there is a magnetic popper fastener for keeping the bag closed to protect your belongings. As with most bags, it also has the essential small inner zipper pocket in the lining of the bag – ideal for holding bank cards, travel cards or safely containing loose cash. An idyllic accessory to the bag is the TOMNZY logo hand strap placed on one side of the bag, with space to attach other accessories or bag charms if desired.
It is a small~medium sized bag which will fit your phone, purse, keys, a compact sized umbrella, a small makeup pouch, a comb, travel sized tissues, hand sanitizer, perfume, etc – basically all the usual items you’d take for light travel. For me, I’d say this is the ideal sized and shape bag for short shopping trips and for placing underneath the seat in front of you on an aeroplane. After all, the bag was designed with practicality in mind.
Overall its a great comfortable bag which is lightweight, but well made and sturdy. You can dress casual or dress-up and the bag still ties in well with your outfit of choice. If this style of bag isn’t necessarily for you and you’d like something more hands-free, then you may like to take a look at their Unisex Sling Bag – ideal for minimalists who only need a handful of items when going out.
You can customise you TOMNZY bag upon request; adding you name or nickname to a key chain. Any questions or special requests regarding the design of the bag you’d like to purchase is welcomed by the TOMNZY team. Order by Instagram direct message or WhatsApp. Worldwide shipping available! “Spray some glitter on your life!”

Check out TOMNZY “here”!


Disclaimer – This bag was kindly gifted on behalf of the brand in exchange for Instagram product photography. However all opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association.


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5 responses to “[#Gifted] TOMNZY (톰앤지) Bag – “Spray some glitter on your life!” ✨”

  1. Oh wow! I really like how you describe bags, your knowledge is in depth. But this isn’t a cheap hobby to have. If I may ask, do you always get gifted bags or go out of your way to buy them (expensive ones included)?


    1. This is the first time I’ve been gifted a bag by a brand. And honestly I haven’t brought a bag myself in a long time. I’m careful and only buy when my financial state it stable.


      1. That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing. I’m hoping you get more brand collaborations too.

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  2. This is such a cute and unique bag, I have never seen anything quite like it. I have an obsession with bags too!x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s a really cute little bag, although it seems bigger than it looks. I do have a thing for bags too x

    Liked by 1 person

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