[#Ad] The Benefits of Using Billionaire Beauty.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been sharing with you all things concerning Billionaire Beauty – An innovative online marketplace for unused second-hand beauty products. So far I’ve taken you through the in-and-outs of how Billionaire Beauty (BB) works, how to set up an account in less than 3 minutes and discussed how supporting new and small business like BB is a simple way to contribute to the currently unstable British economy as well as your own pocket.

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Today’s post however will look more into depth about the multiple benefits of using BB that may not be so obvious at first glimpse.


BB doesn’t just welcome beauty enthusiasts who wish to re-home their unused and unwanted makeup stash. BB encourages small beauty companies and supplies to utilise their platform as an additional source for reaching customers. With businesses depending more highly on social media recognition and website clicks in order to be recognised and fully appreciated, its more essential than ever (especially in the current economic climate) to branch out into other ways to obtain potential sales and business opportunities as a whole.

By cooperating with local suppliers, BB pave the way for the success of additional sales. In hindsight, by working with local suppliers everyone involved can gain the vital business contacts they need to thrive. Furthermore it circulates a larger taxable income for the British economy. Its benefits like these which we need to take into account when buying cosmetics online from overseas, when there is a wide enough variety through marketplaces like BB already here and waiting for us in the UK.


Continuing the theme of all things coming full circle in relation to how BB supports many and all, BB also offer shares to their suppliers/sellers. To clarify these are not shares in a traditional sense – not a share of the company per se. Think of it as a way for BB as a platform to reward or give back to those who are a key part and influence on BB’s successes.

Shares in BB have a validity of 5 years, which are dependent on the share holder remaining as a supplier/seller on the platform. Shares enable the holder to receive a portion of the platform’s profits. Its also important to highlight that these shares are not recognised on the stock market and therefore can not be exchanged; more appropriately BB shares should be recognised as a incentive program for valued members of the BB community.


A large part of finding a new owner or purpose for a beauty product is reusing to be sustainable. Not every customer will necessarily be the most considerate of purchasing only vegan or cruelty-free cosmetics, but most of us can agree that its satisfying to know that we’ve prevented something from going to waste. Whether you are an Eco-warrior or just beginning take steps to reduce your carbon footprint, BB is one of the first points of call for making more sensible choices when it comes to consumability.

What some people don’t consider when throwing out an unwanted beauty product is that it doesn’t just add to the mountains of non-biodegrade plastic in landfill; its also a waste of natural sources like water which are contained in most skin care and makeup products. And what about all the energy used to destroy the waste? Its plain to see that there are no excuses as to why we shouldn’t be making sustainable choices like reusing beauty products: particularly those which haven’t even been opened. If making a little cash isn’t your motivation for using BB, then do it for the future of our precious planet.


According to a survey conducted back in 2017 by the Independent Newspaper, women spend on average: “£10 – £19.99 a month on anti-ageing facial products, with 14% spending spending £20 – £60… and £1,352 per year on facial beauty products and procedures alone”. Even to someone who doesn’t know well about consumerism, it goes without saying that it’s highly likely that many of us are impulse buying beauty products. We’ve all fallen for enticing advertisements, deals and discounts so it’s not something to be ashamed of – but is does leave some regret.

By selling your untouched beauty products which you may or may not have spent too much of your hard earned cash on, you gain back through BB what you have lost elsewhere. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put some cash back into my savings or put it towards another beauty product that I actually want and will use, rather than let the unloved product sit in a drawer until it expires or gets damaged.


Beauty trends come and go, but the demand for beauty products always persists. Knowing that the UK’s beauty industry contributed to a total of £28.4 billion in 2018 to the nation’s economy, we need to use this to our advantage when trying to recover the British economy post pandemic. Honestly, buying beauty products from UK marketplaces and other retailers is the simplest way to get the economy up and rolling again and do you know why? – Because it doesn’t require us to do much differently.

By switching to buying your favourite perfume from somewhere like BB, you aren’t having to go out of your way to benefit the UK economy. You don’t have to change your habits, you don’t have to spend more than you did previously and the quality of the products don’t lessen or change either. Simply you are just changing your provider and in return you help someone make a little bit of extra cash to support themselves and their family. Another plus in that you don’t have to wait weeks on end for your purchase to arrive from abroad.

I could list several more benefits to using Billionaire Beauty, but why not just sign-up for yourself? It’s free to register and doesn’t take away much of your time. SIGN UP “HERE“!


Disclaimer – This is a paid advertisment, although all opinions expressed are my own. I only endorse brands and companies which I fully support.


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  1. This is awesome, I have tons of beauty products that I am often gifted or never get the chance to use, and on the same token; I can save some money buying slightly used products,


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