K-beauty on a Budget – My affiliate links & discount codes.

Hey everyone. I missed uploading a “Mask Mondays” this week, but at least I’ve been keeping in touch with some of you via Instagram and Twitter. Nevertheless, I wanted to stop by with a very quick blog post today… actually this isn’t much of a blog post at all, it’s more like a note for anyone who could benefit from it.

Here I want to share with you my personal affiliate links and codes. Now I know there’s a negative stigma around self-promotion, but I think among you guys who have stuck around with me know by now that I only promote brands, companies, other bloggers and products if I genuinely like and support them. I decline the opportunity to showcase a brand or product if I don’t agree with their ethos or they don’t standout as beneficial.

These affiliate links and discount codes in which I share with you aren’t exactly a ploy to grab your money – they are for supporting small businesses, myself as a small freelance blogger/writer and the odd few larger business which I personally also use and highly recommend.


How much do bloggers earn from affiliate links and codes? Well of course it depends on how much of an influence you have on your audience/readers. Some people use affiliate programs as their second point of call for making an income – making less than freelance work but more than Google AdSense. On average an affiliate link generates just 3~10% commission of a sale. Sometimes up to 15%, however this is far less common.

With that said, if you are ever in need of a treat for yourself, a friend or family member or you just need to repurchase your favourite Asian skincare and beauty products – then you are more than welcome to use the links and codes below as you wish:

KŌSAME – The House of Korean Beauty™, shipping to the UK & Europe. Mélu – the founder of Kōsame – only sells skincare she has tested out herself and uses regularly to ensure the promotion of one great quality K-Beauty in which she can confidently recommend. If you’re looking to support a small female owned business, this is the right place for that. Using my link gets you 10% off you first order. Alternatively you can use code: emma05

WISHTREND – They are an umbrella company supporting a select few holy grail K-Beauty brands including Cosrx, Dear Klairs, Rovectin and their in-house brand: ByWishtrend. There you’ll often find Vegan skincare products as well as top selling skincare for acne-prone skin types. Wishtrend is my current favourite as they have enough of a selection for sensitive skin types and the simple layout of the site is easy to navigate.

YESSTYLE – Most of us know of YesStyle. I’ve used them for 5 years and have watched their business grow exponentially. They provide the widest range of K-Beauty, Japanese and Chinese skincare, makeup, clothing & accessories and home decor. I have never had an issue with any of my YesStyle orders and have always been satisfied with the quality of the products and the service overall. 9 times out of 10, their prices are very reasonable and they have a lot of offers for those on a small budget. Using my link or code: EMMA995 will get you a discount which varies accordingly.

My Instagram DMs are always open for chats about skin care and K-Beauty if you ever unsure whether to purchase a certain product from any of the above websites.

Have a great day/evening & take care


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