[#Gifted] Aprilskin Real Carrot Serum Review πŸ₯•

Carrots in a serum? – Yes, it’s a thing and my skin is loving the addition of this ingredient to my morning skin care routine. I decided one of the most sensible things to do right now for transitioning into Autumn/Winter, is to apply a thicker/tacky serum rather than the watery ones I was using just a month ago.

Again, for reference, my skin is sensitive & oily – so in the colder seasons (which let’s face it, is 3/4 of the year in the UK) I need to prevent dehydration just a like drier skin types. However I still need to be careful about applying products which are heavy so to speak. In other words, I need a sticker serum to balance out my skin without overloading it with dense creams. Do you follow or am I loosing you? I’m waffling, so let me just say a few things about the Aprilskin Real Carrot Blemish Clear Serum

πŸ₯•It’s made with Carrot seed oil (10,000ppm), carrot water (1ppm) & carrot proteins (30ppm).
πŸ₯•It’s non comedogenic.
πŸ₯• Provides skin brightening effects to improve the appearance of blemishes.
πŸ₯•Aims to create a smooth complexion.

My thoughts on this serum:

If we consider immediate effects then this serum gives that commonly desired sheer glow or sheen to skin without pearlescent pigments like a primer would or even some other emulsified serums. Although, I wouldn’t say this could be used in a replacement to a primer as it doesn’t fill pores.

Some people reading this may think it’s irrelevant for me to be comparing this serum to nature of primers. The reason why I mentioned this point is because some people are trying to apply less products to their face to prevent maskne; therefore more than ever people seek to use skin care as a replacement to makeup or certain steps within a makeup regime (e.g. primers).

Regardless, this serum is brilliant for combination and oily skin types this season. It balances skin and doesn’t encourage excess sebum production. It’s fast absorbing for convenience in the morning or simply for those who don’t like residue after applying skin care.

I’ll be discussing the remaining items in the Aprilskin Carrot line over the next few days and into next week, so please stay tuned!

πŸ’¬ Do you have any beta carotene skin care product recommendations?


Disclaimer – The products featured in this post were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association.

4 responses to “[#Gifted] Aprilskin Real Carrot Serum Review πŸ₯•”

  1. Omg when you were describing your skin – I’m the same way. Oily & sensitive – which is a tricky combo for sure! I’ve never tried an carrot based skincare but this sounds so interesting!

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  2. I don’t think I’ve tried any skincare before with carrot so this is really interesting! I like the packaging too.

    I’ve recently started using the Klair’s Vitamin C Serum and it’s actually an oilier serum than I thought it would be but quite nice considering how much I don’t like using oil on my skin.


    1. Does that Klairs serum absorb quite quick?

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      1. It’s decent! It’s probably not something I would use if I was in a hurry or if we were in normal times, actually getting ready to go somewhere. I take my time now as I’m not rushing to go anywhere.

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