[#Ad – paid] Base+ Personalised, Cruelty-free Skincare

The perk of personalised skincare is of course it’s tailored to target your skin concerns and skin type specifically. Base+ is a female owned premium personalised skincare brand based in the United Kingdom. Their personalised moisturisers and serums are made-to-order and 100% cruelty-free. I have been working with this brand during the later half of this year and would finally like to summarize my experience with using their skincare products.

To begin, I’ll briefly cover how the personalisation process works.

Finding the right ingredients for you

On the Base+ website there is a 2 minute questionnaire centred around your skin types and concerns. This analyses which key ingredients your skin needs in order to stay comfortable, remain healthy and achieve the complexion you desire. Alternatively you can select the two key ingredients for your moisturiser or one key ingredient for your serum by yourself, although for the best experience it’s advised that you use their website tools to ensure your get the correct targeted skincare products.

My Base+ Personalised Moisturisers

I have two personalised moisturisers from base+: one is formulated with their signature Base, Green Tea & Niacinamide (for sensitive oily skin) and one made with the Base, Bakuchiol and Niacinamide (for sensitive combination oily skin). I switch between the two depending on the season.

The Base+ Serum

The original Base+ ‘Good Skin’ Serum was absolutely fantastic and I thought it couldn’t get any better. But, great news! Personalised ‘Good Skin’ Serums are now available in time for Winter. If you are a new customer, you’ll of course have to take the questionnaire to identify your key ingredients. Although, if you have already ordered a moisturiser, Base+ have created a simple way for you to discover your unique serum recipe using your old order number.

My experience with Base+ Personalised Skincare

Green Tea & Niacinamide Moisturiser

– This moisturiser has become a staple proeuct in my morning and nighttime skincare routines. It has a rich texture ideal for the colder months, but can be spread less liberally during the warmer seasons.

The sweet almond oil softens rough patches of skin with minimal effort and the green tea keeps my skin balanced to minimise the number of breakouts I usually get. I was glad to see squalane and several organic ingredients in this product, as my goal this year was to place priority on using more natural ingredients for facial skincare.

Bakuchiol & Niacinamide Moisturiser

– This moisturiser really calms down irritation and redness after cleansing. It’s hydrating enough to balance skin without making skin feel oily or encouraging the production of excess oil. My skin feels comfortable weather I use this cream day or night. I’m amazed at how soft my skin feels just 30 minutes or so into wear.⁣ The main factor which has lead to my appreciation for this cream, is Bakuchiol – it’s considered as a plant-derived alternative to Retinol. It possess rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

With prolonged use this cream visibly reduces skin discolourations and fine lines from environmental exposure. Immediate effects include a pronounced soothing effect on skin. ⁣No matter how much time I give for my skin to adjust to Retinol, I can’t use it. My skin breakouts out uncontrollably. On the contrary, I can use Bakuchiol confidently and comfortably without any adverse effects.

My Personalised Base+ ‘Good Skin’ Serum

Formulated with Allantoin as a key ingredient.

My serum contains Allantoin in replacement to the original ‘Good Skin’ Serum which contained Banana Powder.⁣
Allantoin is a versatile ingredient which meets the needs of my current skin type and concerns. It reduces the redness of breakouts, aids in cell rejuvenation, brightens uneven/dull skin tone, and can lighten minor acne scars.⁣

This is my favourite Western brand serum of the year! I love the original version and this one is even better. It’s fantastic for improving skin elasticity/suppleness. I like to use it on it’s own or just before using a sheet mask to maximise the re-plumping benefits. My sensitive skin has no issues with this serum and it’s near scentless. I’m looking forward to seeing the long-term effects this serum has on old blemishes.⁣


Where to find Base+ Skincare:

💻 Website

📸 Instagram


Disclaimer – This is a paid AD in partnership with Base+. Although all opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association. My reviews are honest to reflect authenticity. I only recommend products I personally use and trust.

3 responses to “[#Ad – paid] Base+ Personalised, Cruelty-free Skincare”

  1. I’ve loved using this so much! Thanks for explaining about the ingredients, I didn’t know about Bakuchiol being an alternative to retinol and it sounds great! 🙂


  2. lucymarytaylor avatar

    This brand sounds really good! I really like the look of the products! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk


  3. wow, thank you for this. i’ve been really looking for a good base that doesn’t compromise my skincare routine. will give this a try 🙂


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