Diary #18 – To make or not to make new year’s resolutions ðŸ“†

Well, this feels a little awkward. Around this time last year, didn’t I make it my new year’s resolution to be more consistent with diary entries? I missed that target for sure. Which brings me to today’s topic: setting goals for the new year. In actual fact, reluctance to make new year’s resolutions.

Taking into account these unprecedented times, I’ve noticed that quite a few people have decided to defer making plans for 2021 – mainly to avoid disappointment if the current situation we’re all facing continues to prevent the achievement of personal goals. And for the same reason, simply the lack of motivation or enthusiasm for jotting down something to aim for this year. I think it goes without saying that, the goal which places top on our list of hopes and dreams for this year is to return to some state of normality. The norm before the new normal. In 2021, large numbers of people hope to freely travel overseas as soon as possible and forget how we’ve being missing the simple things in life; such as sitting in a café without having a perspex screen dividing the tables.

No matter of the year and circumstances, I’ve never been one to enjoy making new year’s resolutions. The OCD side of me loves the organisation that comes with planning – I like making lists and reminder notes – but the only perk I see from planning the year ahead at the beginning of a year is the new stationery. I believe my disfavor for resolutions stems from my school days. In British schools, at the end of a full term at parent’s evening/academic review day, we’d set at least 3 goals we’d like to achieve hopefully within the next term or two. These goals usually revolved around academic things: reading more books, contributing more in class discussions, revising a particular module for an upcoming exam, and so on. 8 times out of 10, I’d hated this approach.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m goal-oriented and driven by things I want to achieve. I just disapprove of the pressure of when to set myself resolutions. Why is there a sense of you must make new year’s resolutions? I appreciate how for some individuals filling in a new calendar induces a strong sense of ambition, and keeps them going when they can’t always feel at their peak. But I don’t think making resolutions at the start of each and every year is for everyone.

In my case, I have and prefer long-term goals which can span over several years. We all possess these types of goals whether they be to get married or to live in solidarity, to have children or not to have children, to get a pet, to move up the career ladder of even take a step back career wise to make time for other things in life, etc. These types of goals still stand as my new year’s resolutions every year, because gradual changes or steps need to be taken each year in order to reach them. I haven’t changed my mind about them. And to be frank, I don’t want to make small new year’s resolutions in January just because everyone else seem to be doing the same. Am I supposed to repeatedly say I’m going to eat more healthily this year, just to fall out of the habit so many times to then just eat however feels right at the time?

I like making goals and resolutions at random points throughout the year. I’m more comfortable in my decision making when opportunities come my way or at least when I have a better understanding of which direction the year is heading in. There’s just too many factors to consider when making yearly resolutions, therefore I’ll make them when they seem likely achievable. Otherwise, I’m just going to feel the negative consequences of failing to tick-off some targets I made half-heartedly purely because it’s some sort of tradition.

With all this said, I’m not going to officially set myself new year’s resolutions. My hopes for the next 5 years still stand and primarily that’s all that matters. I will not promise to have a specific upload schedule for SimplyEm’sBlog nor will I set goals concerning my personal life. I will just share with you a few concrete plans which I will realistically fulfill relating to my blog.

Here’s a peek at what’s to come on this little blog of mine throughout January-March…

2 responses to “Diary #18 – To make or not to make new year’s resolutions ðŸ“†”

  1. Ellie Phillips avatar
    Ellie Phillips

    I used to always set NY resolutions when i was younger and never, ever stick to them! That’s why i kind of gave up with them!


  2. I’m one to set NY resolutions every year but this is generally more loosely. I think resolutions can be started any time of year to be honest, and like you mentioned already, big goals should be divided into smaller goals across the span of several years.

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