Comparing Rice Facial Masks ðŸŒ¾

Rice is not new inclusion in skincare. The use of rice for brightening and conditioning skin with its bioactive compounds and rich antioxidants, is believed to date back to as far as 2,800 BC, Japan – before eventually reaching China, Korea and other East Asian countries who began to use rice for its beauty and atopic medicinal benefits rather than just as a primary food source.

In present day, it’s common knowledge that UV rays and free-radicals in our ever-changing environment have a negative impact on the health and natural functions of skin; resulting in a higher demand for skincare which tackles such issues with potent antioxidants which as we know are present in rice.

This continuous favourably for rice extracts – particularly among Korean skincare brands – has lead to the production of countless rice ferment skincare lines: these adopt both ancient and modern day skincare practices and are generally inclusive of all skin types. You may already be familiar with the I’m From rice skincare range which utilises the natural properties of rice from Yeonju, South Korea. Or perhaps you have seen some older, yet still popular, rice skincare products from Skinfood and The Face Shop and Haru Haru.

One of the most preferred ways to reap in the benefits of rice and other grains, is through the use of wash-off facial masks. Arguably, some would say the I’m From Rice Mask is the best-of-the-best because it’s the most expensive at Korean drugstores. Which brings me to the main focus of this blog post. I’ll be comparing 3 rice masks for 3 different brands: I’m From, Skinfood, and Dr. Ceuracle. I’ll be giving a rating out of 5 stars for each mask before concluding which rice mask is NO⁰1 for me.


Among the rice masks which are still on the market, this is one of the oldest. I don’t know exactly when it was released, but I can tell you it’s been around for 7+ years. When you first get into K-Beauty, this is undoubtedly one of the first products you’ll encounter on global Asian beauty websites due to the large number of sales. In Korea, Skinfood stores don’t see as many customers as before. However, their mask pots remain as some their most sold items and are often displayed at the forefront of their shops.

This mask contains rice bran water to form a hydrating and skin softening rinse-off mask, which also provides light exfoliation. Unlike the other two masks I’ll be discussing this mask doesn’t contain granules of rice for gentle physical exfoliation. It uses jojoba esters which feel like micro-beads, but they are made of natural material and therefore are not made of plastics harmful to Sealife. These jojoba esters are spherical – giving them the ability to roll in and out of pores freely without causing abrasions, irritation or clogging pores.


I find this mask to do a greater job at rehydrating the surface of skin moreso than as a complexion brightener. Of course physical exfoliators remove dead skin cells, so there is an element of more radiant looking skin but I would say don’t expect it to have a major improvement on evening out dull or uneven skin tone as some other rice skincare products do. I tend to reach for this mask to soothe minor redness and to maintain a smooth skin texture rather than use it for solving skin discoloration issues. Using it twice weekly should be sufficient enough for most skin types. It is also the cheapest of the three masks.


⭐⭐⭐.5 out of 5

🛍️🛒 Where to buy ➡️ Glam Touch UK


This mask was released last year after how well received the Dr Ceuracle matcha green tea mask pack was, which is still highly appreciated by combination, oily and acne-prone skin types. This particular rice mask uses grains from the Ganghwa province of Korea. The aim of this mask is to brighten, exfoliate and moisturise skin with 30% Ganghwa rice extracts, potato pulp and oat kernels.


What can I say? This is one of the best wash-off mask packs I’ve ever used! I’m totally satisfied with how well this mask softens skin. Even if only used once per week, my skin is left feeling supple and looking brighter at each and every use.

I know some people with sensitive skin try to steer clear of masks which contain particles in the fear they are abrasive. Although, I’d like to assure you that the granules in this product are milled rather finely and aren’t scratchy. The potato pulp really helps to minimise friction upon application and removal of the mask. Potato pulp, with it’s natural enzymes, also aids in gentle removal of dead skin cells. What’s more, I love the that it contains Ceramide NP for restoring the skin barrier when used more than once per week over an extended period of time.



🛍️🛒 Where to buy ➡️ Kōsame*


What drew me to purchasing this mask was not the four Yeonju rice extracts, but some of its other ingredients. Did you know this mask also contains saccharomyces ferment filtrate, shea butter, algae extracts, oats, and artichoke leaf? This mask is the thickest of the three masks we’re comparing. As a soft scoop mask, it’s the easiest one to apply with fingers and doesn’t necessarily have to be applied using a spatula. In fact some spatulas, other than the one included with the product, won’t entirely fit in the glass jar.


For my experience, this mask is most similar to the Dr Ceuracle rice mask. They have several differences in ingredients and texture, although the results are closely a like. The I’m From rice mask truly nourishes skin to improve the softness of rough but delicate skin.

One thing I should point out is that the grains of rice and oats are not as fine as those in the Dr Ceuracle mask, and in a way is the most abrasive out of the three masks. Still, as long as you don’t scrub at your skin when applying and rinsing off this mask, it should remain gentle enough. There’s no need to be vigorous with physical exfoliation. It has a natural oat-like scent which I like personally.



🛍️🛒 Where to buy ➡️ Wishtrend*


• None of these masks are bad, so I wouldn’t say any are a waste of money.

• The Dr Ceuracle and I’m From masks are the most natural among all three products and soften plus brighten skin the most. Whereas the Skinfood mask is most hydrating at the consistency is more watery.

• The Skinfood mask can cause minor irritation to sensitive skin due to the inclusion of artificial fragrance which is noticeable.

• The most gentle is the Dr Ceuracle mask.

• All of these mask restore that ‘bounce’ back to skin.

• They are all non-drying or hard setting masks.


As you may have noticed from the ratings I’ve given to the products individually, I rated the Dr Ceuracle Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack the highest with 5/5 stars. The reason for this being I couldn’t find any faults with the product, it doesn’t exactly as described on the packaging. Even if the Skinfood mask was the most hydrating, the Dr Ceuracle mask provided more than enough moisture for my skin type. After rinsing it off my skin wasn’t left feeling deprived of hydration. Simply my face felt more comfortable after use.

💬 Have you used any of these rice masks? If you have, what was your experience? Do you have any rice mask recommendations that I didn’t cover in this blog post?


Disclaimer – Products marked with an asterisk ‘*’ were gifted in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brand or any company in association. Some links throughout are affiliated, these are also marked with an asterisk. I make a small percentage of commission when purchases are made through the use of these links.

4 responses to “Comparing Rice Facial Masks ðŸŒ¾”

  1. The I’m From rice mask has been on my wish list for some time now. I’m in no need to new exfoliation masks but once I’m out, I imagine I’ll purchase it at some point!

    From memory, I’ve use The Body Shop rice mask before and that was really good in my opinion.


  2. Great comparison of these products – the Dr Ceuracle one definitely sounds best! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am currently using the Skinfood one and while I think they could have done without the heavy, heavy fragrance, my skin loves this mask!


  4. These all sound wonderful for the skin!!


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