What I eat in a day in lockdown (realistic, semi-healthy) πŸ₯‘πŸ₯―🍲

Most of you know me as a skincare blogger, and even though I’ve always added some element of beauty related content on SimplyEm’SBlog, my blog hasn’t always been as skincare focused as it is now. Before, this little corner of the internet had a running theme of food. Nope, I haven’t stopped being a foodie and lost my appetite for all things tasty. I guess I just unintentionally swayed more towards writing about Korean skincare than what I’ve been up to in my life. Now that the UK is finally edging its way towards a brighter future out of lockdown (not quite yet but there’s hope), I’m becoming more enthusiastic to write about food and lifestyle related topics.

With this said, you’ve clicked on this blog post with the hope to see some scrumptious food. Am I right? So let’s hop right to it. Here is a realistic and semi-healthy (or should I say quarter-healthy?) what I eat in a day in lockdown.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Red Pepper Hummus & Avocado on Toast

This year, my obsession for avocado everything popped out of nowhere. I used to despise fresh avocado. I tried it once when the trend of avocado on toast was at its peak, and couldn’t fathom why anyone would willingly choose to eat something that tastes like grass. The only reason why I thought I’d give avocado another try is because I enjoy it in avocado maki: a common Vegetarian sushi option in the UK. Since retrying avocado I’ve come to enjoy it so much that it encourages me to eat breakfast. I’m that type of person is doesn’t find buttered toast to be a home comfort food and I find cereal either bland or too sweet; so avocado on toast is now something I eat most mornings.

I think most people like to eat smashed avocado on sourdough with as sprinkle of sea salt. I prefer to use multi-seed bread, toast it, and then spread some low-fat hummus as the base layer. I usually use either red pepper, red chilli or jalapeΓ±o hummus which has a lower salt and oil content. I don’t do anything special to the avocado itself – just slice it. Half a medium sized avocado is usually enough for one portion. I don’t add lemon juice, I add a dash of low-salt, grounded black pepper, smoked paprika and sesame seeds on top for garnish. This way is much less of a fuss than having to mash the avocado in a separate bowl.


Egg & Cheese Savoury Muffin

Most weekday lunchtimes I have a mozzarella and crumbed ham or pastrami toasted sandwich with English mustard and lettuce. Although on this day I finally got round to recreating a savoury muffin recipe inspired by the savoury muffins I used to eat at a small cafΓ© in Bucheon, S.Korea. I wish I had made these egg and cheese savoury muffins sooner! They’re yummy, simple to make and only requires common kitchen ingredients that most of us already have in the fridge/cupboards.

You can add bacon or ham if you wish, but for my first attempt I thought I’d keep things straightforward and easy. If you’re looking for a new snack to bake to use up some eggs before they expire, then I highly encourage that you find a savoury muffin recipe. I don’t use any specific recipe as find that most of them are pretty similar anyway.


Iranian-style Butternut Squash Stew

The last meal of the day is usually my only hot meal, and it’s the meal I change up the most. For Tuesday’s dinner, I had some leftover Iranian-style Vegetable Stew which I made a few days prior. It’s a Simply Cook recipe which I’ve cooked a couple of times now because it’s a stress free process and of course its delicious. It’s more or less a roasted stew.

If you’re not familiar with Simply Cook they’re a company who post seasoning kits with the corresponding recipe card through your letterbox. It’s not the sort of meal plan service where they deliver all the pre-preped ingredients to cook an entire meal from scratch. It’s a subscription service that you can cancel anytime, so personally I only use Simply Cook when they have a special discount on their meal kits, or when I’m up for trying something new at mealtimes.

Using Simply Cook from time to time made lockdown slightly less boring, and it was just nice to prepare a new meal once or twice per week for the family. Not that I’m sponsored by Simply Cook or anything, but I will say I think their meal kits are more cost effective than other meal prep services, because you can hunt around for deals on the fresh or main ingredients yourself at you local supermarket (or online).

The main ingredients in this stew are butternut squash, spinach and tomatoes. I served it with naan bread to soak up the broth, but it also goes well with fluffy rice.

Snacks & Drinks

Blueberry & Mango Layered Smoothie
CafΓ© Latte made with Nespresso ‘Ethiopia’ Espresso and cashew milk

I also had some Walkers Oven Baked Sweet Potato (paprika flavour) crisps. They’re a must try! And a few cups of Pepsi Max Cherry and Twinnings Peach, Orange and Baobab tea.

πŸ’¬ Has lockdown had an impact on your eating habits during lockdown?

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