The Banobagi Calming Care Line at Glam Touch UK 🌸

About Banobagi

Banobagi is a World renowned medical group who specialise both in
cosmetic surgery and dermatology. They’re committed to combining
their knowledge obtained through clinical experience and thesis to
develop skincare products which solve common skin concerns. 20 plus
years worth of research has enabled Banobagi to discover unique
skincare ingredients which directly target skin sensitivity, signs of aging
and so on. Their dedication has subsequently lead them to success with
the release of multiple skincare lines.

BANOBAGI’s Beliefs

Banobagi believe that dermatologist grade cosmetics should be
accessible to everyone. And so many of their products which they use
as part skincare treatments at their clinics became commercially
available for use in the home environment.

Calming Care Line

The Calming Care Line is targeted at oily but inner dehydrated skin
types, but is also highly beneficial for sensitive dry and damaged skin
types which require moisturising and soothing ingredients to return to a
comfortable state. This skincare range consists of 4 products:

• The Calming Care Cleansing Gel to Foam
• Calming Care Moisture Pads
• Calming Care Moisturising Cream
• and Calming Care Tone-up Sunscreen.

Key inclusions across the line include Hyaluronic Acid, Rose water, Ceramides, and Calamine. The full ingredients lists and product descriptions of each of these products are available on the Glam Touch Website for further reference.

The Calming Care Line in Review

Cleansing Gel to Foam
The aim of this daily cleanser is to deeply remove impurities imbedded
within pores and from the surface of skin; in doing so pores will appear
reduced in size. As a pH-balanced gel-to-foam face wash, it prevents
irritation and calms skin with it’s key ingredient: Calamine.

When first squeezed out of the tube this cleanser resembles a gel
before taking on the form of a dense bubble facial wash when a small
amount of water is added to it. The fact that it starts off as a viscous
liquid means that it is more hydrating than traditional foam cleansers…

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