Introducing the New Glam Touch Summer Skin Set ☀️

This is not the first time I’ve talked about Glam Touch here on SimplyEm’SBlog. Although, just to recap Glam Touch are the go-to online destination for all things K-Beauty! They are a UK based company, but ship throughout most of Europe too. They stock the latest and long-time popular Korean skincare, makeup and hair care products. Including sun protection products and have a wide selection of affordable sheet masks.

Every now and then, Glam Touch release a new skincare kit fitting to the current season or to simply share some of their best sellers in one handy set. Last year I had the pleasure of using their Korean Beauty Trial Kit – the selection of products in that set were impressive and I ended up buying some of travel sized items in the kit in full-size.

For this Summer only they have a new kit: The Glam Touch Summer Skin Set. This unique set was carefully curated by the Glam Touch team. It contains a generous collection of both full-sized and travel/trial sized products ideal for taking on the go during your staycation, or for keeping your skin in tip-top condition which you relax in your back garden or at the park or beach. Whichever the occasion, the kit supplies all the necessities your skin could ever need to tackle the effects of hot and humid weather.

Let me take you thought the contents of the kit.

☀️The Glam Touch Summer Skin Set⛱️

Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++ (full sized product) –

No Summer skincare kit is complete without an essential sunscreen, and so Glam Touch have included their most popular sunscreen from leading Korean brand Cosrx. This Worldwide best seller is formulated with 5,500ppm of Aloe Leaf Extract to soothe skin which becomes more sensitive when exposed to the sun.

Not only does it provide sufficient moisture without a heavy texture to hydrate skin’s moisture barrier, it also provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It doesn’t leave a white cast and is appropriate for use on all skin types, even oily and sensitive skin types in the height of Summer humidity.

d’Alba First Spray Serum (100ml full sized product) –

This product is no stranger to K-Beauty blogs across the internet, and is not a newbie to my blog either. If you aren’t already familiar with this bi-phase facial mist, it is compromised of a oil component and a water based solution which work together to ultimately rebalance dry-oily skin types which are likely to become compromised due to the unsteady or unpredictable and rising temperatures throughout the season of Summer.

This mist is commercially known in Korea as the “flight attendant mist” as it became favourable among flight attendants who experienced changes in their skin hydration levels when travelling at high altitudes, and when continuously flighting between countries with differing climates. The mist – which conveniently meets the 100ml per bottle liquid allowance on aeroplanes – has been known to help cabin crew keep their skin in-check and remain radiant. You can read more about this mist ‘here‘.

Banobagi Calming Gel-to-foam Cleanser (30ml/travel size) –

A double-cleansing essential! The aim of this low pH cleanser is to deeply remove impurities imbedded within pores and from the surface of skin; in doing so pores will appear reduced in size. As a pH-balanced gel-to-foam face wash (pH 5.5), it prevents irritation and calms skin with it’s key ingredient: Calamine. 

When first squeezed out of the tube this gentle cleanser resembles a gel before taking on the form of a dense bubble facial wash when a small amount of water is added to it. The fact that it starts off as a viscous liquid means that it is more hydrating than traditional foam cleansers. The product lathers best with a foaming net or soft bristle face cleansing brush.

It’s numerous plant extracts work in unison with the Calamine to provide skin soothing effects to lessen the likelihood of causing redness, whilst the Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid restores lost moisture. It’s the ideal cleanser for leaving skin feeling supple and not deprived of moisture. You will not experience that tight, “squeaky” clean sensation after using this product.

Banobagi Milk Thistle Repair Kit (3 travel sized items) –

This trial kit features a toner, serum and cream from the Banobagi Milk Thistle line. These products work in a trio to soothe and repair irritated, sensitive skin. The formulas of all three of these products aren’t too rich, making them ideal for use all year round. The products deeply care for all skin types, but as mentioned will be most appreciated by sensitive skin types that struggle under the pressures of Summer weather.

Milk thistle is essentially an anti-inflammatory. It will help to reduce redness and ‘puffiness’ associated with sensitive skin types, particularly in Summer. These anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant characteristics help contribute to protect collagen, and in turn help fight signs of pre-mature aging.

2 x Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Masks (‘Relaxing’ & Vitamin C Versions)

Each of the sheet masks within the Vita Genic Jelly range have different functions and key ingredients. Although what they all have in common is the watery-gel essence which saturates the comfortable high-quality cotton sheet. Across all versions of these masks the essence is made with 11 vitamin lipsomes – these contribute to the delivery of vitamins into skin cells to more directly provide plenty of hydration as well as nutrients.

The Relaxing Vita Genic Jelly Mask calms skin at the end of a long Summer’s day, with key ingredients such as Aloe Vera sourced from Jeju Island. It also holds pro-vitamin B5 – otherwise known as Panthenol – which is great for replenishing moisture down to the deeper layers of skin.

The Vitamin C type is for brightening skin types which look dull of uneven in tone. Several ingredients have been added to the Vitamin C extract to lower the chance of causing irritation and deters the increase of sensitising skin. The masks provides strong hydrating benefits a like that provided by the Relaxing mask.

3 samples sachets

A random selection of sachet samples of products by leading brands Dear Klairs & d’Alba. These samples are a great way to try something new and potentially help you to discover a new product; enabling you to try before you buy.

Holographic Pouch –

A stylish transparent cosmetics bag with a holographic effect. It can contain all the products within this kit, and can be reused as organiser for the products you like to take on-the-go in your bag once you have finished enjoying all of the products within the limited and special edition set.

The value of this set, which is exclusive to Glam Touch, is worth £68. However it costs only £49.90 on their website. Grab it whilst you can, because when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Glam Touch offer free shipping on orders £50 and over. All orders come with free samples.


Disclaimer – This is not a gifted, sponsored or paid AD.

3 responses to “Introducing the New Glam Touch Summer Skin Set ☀️”

  1. Wow your photos are a summer’s dream!! This bag is jam packed with bits I NEEEEED in my life!Those vitamin sheet masks have my name on them!


  2. I love the photo you took of the products by the pool!!! 💙 And that Holographic Pouch is gorgeous!


    1. Ooops, sorry, just saw the photo credit by Glam Touch UK, haha!!! Either way, stunning photos and really cool info on the products! 😄


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