3 Homemade skincare remedies

I’m not one of these people who use natural ingredients for almost everything. However, I have tried a few natural homemade skincare remedies which could be worth a try.

Banana & milk face mask: Is great for hydrating dry/very dry skin, & soothing irritated sensitive skin. Overall giving you brighter, plump, smooth skin. I’m not entirely confident about the science behind the combination of ingredients, but my guess is that it has something to do with the lactose & potassium. Just mash half a banana and 2 tablespoon of cows milk or soya milk together. Spread the paste evenly over your face; leave it to settle for 10 minutes before rinsing. Any leftover mixture can be used as a hydrating hair mask.

Green tea exfolicatior: Is effective in removing dead skin cells, blackheads, sebum and oil. Furthermore soothes irritation and contains antioxidents. Simply soak a pure green tea bag in warm or hot water for a few minutes. Remove the tea bag from the water; rip open the tea bag and empty the soaked leaves into the palm of your hand. Add a teaspoon of water, olive oil or essential skin oils to the leaves. Gently exfoliate your face with the mixture, in circular motions. Rinse thoughly (I will warn you that this can be quite messy).

Skin brightening/lightening mask: If your skin looks a little dull (particularly common during Autumn & Winter) you may want to brighten your complection without using fake tan or bronzer (or glitter, haha). Combine equal amounts of honey and lemon juice. Spread over your face, of course avoiding you eye area. Leave the mask on your face for 5-8 minutes, then rinse. To see effectiveness you will have to repeat this method once a day for one week straight. From then on reduce the number of times you use the mask to once or twice per week. If you have dry skin this will not be suitable for you, as even with the hydrating benefits of honey, lemon is very drying for the skin. People with pollen allergies &/or sensitive skin may not be able to use honey on their skin.

Have fun trying something new.

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