Newly released skincare products.


It’s evident that new skincare products are released in the UK all the time, but last month & this month seems to have rewarded us with plenty more new products than usual.

I haven’t seen any TV or magazine advertisements for the products I’m about to mention, although people on Instagram & blogs seem to be going crazy about them!

Here are some of the products that interest me the most. Hopefully I can purchase all of them before they sell out due to popular demand!

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb super-hydrating antioxidant moisuriser (picture above):
Garnier have released a new ‘SkinActive Moisture Bomb’ collection. Most, prehaps all of the products focus on richly providing skin with moisture in different product forms. This particular product is a 3-in-1 cream which claims to:

– ‘Rehydrate skin within 24hrs’
– ‘Reduce fine lines’
– Contains ‘antioxidants’
– Provides ‘UVA/UVB protection’.

At an average retail price of £7.99, it is a little pricer than their other moisturisers; however if it can genuinely provide all these things, its worth every penny.

In the same product range they also have a day cream & a night cream. To be honest some of the products seem similar to those in Garnier’s ‘PureActive’ range, but with the medicated ingredients removed. Hmmm…

Garnier SkinActive oil-infused Micellar cleansing water:


Following on from Garnier’s ‘SkinActive Moisture Bomb’ range, they have ‘SkinActive’ products (-whatever that means. I think brands just like to think of new names to copyright & pretend that they are unique skincare technologies).

The oil-infused cleansing water is supposed to be equally as good as their other popular micellar cleaning waters. The only difference is that the oil should be able to remove makeup, oil & surface impurites without causing dry skin to dry-out further. Alike their other Micellar cleansing waters, it should be suitable for sensitive skin; personally I’m a little worried about using this on my sensitive skin.

It retails at an average price of £5.99.

Neutrogena Visibly clear Correct & perfect CC cream and Clean & Clear Hint of tint CC cream:



I know these two products are by different brands, but they seem very similar. CC creams aren’t anything new; these two just seem to be a little more on the improved side. Most CC creams in western parts of the world are usually are made from makeup components & standard mosturisers. However, these two claim to contain makeup, moisurisers & skincare so that you can temporarily cover & correct your skin & in the long term correct your actual skin problems.

I have used and reviewed Neutrogena’s regular Visibly clear moisturiser so I’m hoping that with  makeup combined, it will be just as good.

The only downside that appears to be wrong with these products is the lack of colour choices. Both are only available in light & medium skintones. The lightest seems more like a medium skintone, whereas the medium skintone looks orange toned rather than tan.

Hopefully, all these products will be a great additions to our Spring/Summer 2016 skincare routines.

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