The days of Hibiscus & Rose: Part 2. 

With a blink of an eye, Springtime had arrived. May’s efforts at the school she worked at had finally been recognised, rewarding her with a new role and responsibilities. She was fully immersed in her work life, still tired, yet feeling comfortable and satisfied with the direction in which she was heading. The people around her had contagious smiles and they often erupted with laughter, it was a heartening position to be in especially around the time of her twenty first birthday. 
Early May time in London, usually brought a chilling breeze with limited rays of sunshine: May’s birthday was an exception to this usual weather pattern. The sun blazed, yet not too intensely sparing room for patches of shade to creep against the ground. Upon arrival to work on her special birthday, May was pleasantly greeted with the genuine happiness of her colleagues, for they had been more impatient for her birthday to arrive that she was.
A pastel pink gift bag was practically thrust into her hands. The gift bag’s contents felt slightly heavy and when lightly shaken it sounded like a glass object. May reached through the violet shredded crafting paper that filled the gift bag, and clasped her hands around a large Cassis scented candle.  She had never received such a gift from people who weren’t family and therefore very thankful. 
The day ceased with chunky slices of red velvet cake accompanied by swirls of whipped cream. The day was simplistic though the best birthday she had had since her Grandmother’s passing. May read through the birthday messages she had received via her social media accounts, particularly being grateful for the message which Jun had sent. He regretted that he hadn’t presented her with a song rather than just saying: ‘Happy Birthday, wish that you have the most wonderful day’. If the song had been sung he would have video recorded it; wearing the pitch black suit with pearl white shirt and silky black tie combination which he knew she adored. 
As contact between May and Jun wasn’t frequent, May assumed that she wouldn’t hear from Jun again for quite some time; however she still hoped he would write to her soon as their friendship was taking a turn for the better. If someone wished some much that they had celebrated another’s birthday with a song, surely they cared about that person enough to maintain some sort of relationship with them in whichever form that may be. 
Suddenly, just more than a week after her birthday Jun contacted May. Alike the previous occasional times, they chatted non-stop throughout the duration of that day. To May’s surprise Jun contacted her everyday from then on, waiting for her to finish he work duties in between sending replies. The time difference between the two countries where they resided didn’t seem to phase them, as they talked about general things such as what each other had done that day; getting to know each other a little further by discussing personal details and of past life events. 

The pair blossomed to having an honest, considerate care for one another. Both suffered from insomnia and depression. They would ask how each other was feeling that day after possibly having a bad night’s sleep, hoping that each would respond with a positive mentioning of their physical and emotional conditions.

Less than two weeks had past since the May and Jun started to spontaneously message each other daily. Spring was in full swing, and the roads were busy. May was stuck in a traffic jam on a uncrowded crimson double-decker bus. Minutes turned to hours and minimal progression of passing through the traffic had been made. She wasn’t bored or entirely worried about the time she would arrive home, for she had someone to keep her occupied. It may not have been someone who she could conversate with in person, but considering their circumstances of being approximately 5,500 miles apart, May was moderately satisfied with having just a conversation in text form. 
Out of no where Jun wrote: ‘Baby. I love you’. Even though May had never been in love before, she knew that she was falling for Jun. He may not have been ‘in’ love with her at this stage but she knew that he loved her in a deep caring sense that could develop into fullness. 

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