Autumn Favourites.

I don’t usually write any form of a ‘favourites’ post, mainly because I like to repeatedly use the same products that I already know work best for me or because it takes me such a long time to finish a product that there is no need for me to purchase something new to try out. Nevertheless this Autumn I have brought a few items which I would consider to be sensible purchases, and of course there is just a few ‘fun’ things too that have become my favourites of Autumn 2017.

  • Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum. 

Last Winter it became apparent to me that using just one face moisturiser isn’t enough to deter dry skin, even if I usually have oily skin. I know that green tea works well for my skin, healing spots, fading blemishes and soothing irritation somewhat quickly. Nature Republic currently has an online only sale with some products being upto 50% off of their original price. The original price that Nature Republic themselves sell the Serum for is around 8,000 won/ยฃ5.50/$7.18, I managed to get it at an absolute bargain of a price at 5,600won/ยฃ3.83/$5.02. The packaging is a sterdy glass pump bottle with a volume of 50ml. The texture is non-greasy, and barriers base makeup from having direct contact with the skin. I also highly recommend the Nature Republic Super Aqua Watery Combination Cream which I apply on top of this serum.

  • Uniqlo Heat Tech.

Thermal clothing isn’t a new concept, although in Korea it’s considered as being equally as essential as a thick Winter coat. Not a days goes by where I haven’t seen a Uniqlo Heat Tech advertisement on YouTube, in the train stations, on Instagram or Facebook. Due to it’s popularity and already Winter-like temperatures in Incheon, I thought it was best to buy a heat tech long-sleeved top and leggings before stocks are low. T-shirts are also available with different neck styles. Basically it’s underwear, but the women’s leggings aren’t detectable as underwear. I find the set to be useful as pyjamas or lounge wear.

  • ‘Tasty’ page by Buzzfeed.

The ever expanding Buzzfeed production team owns pages going by the name ‘Tasty‘. They regularly upload speed-up cooking and baking tutorials/recipes. If you simply enjoy watching cookery programs or want some inspiration due to lack of creativity, the ‘Tasty‘ page is not difficult to come by, not just on Facebook but also on other social media platforms. I particularly like the ‘Tasty Japan‘ page. They experiment with flavours that Western cultures haven’t neccassarily delved into, making everything from traditional Japanese desserts to intricately prepared and decorated rice dishes.

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