New, Upcoming Skincare and Beauty products: November 2017. 

Whether you’re a shopaholic, inquisitive, or on the prowl for trying and buying new beauty and skincare products this month or every month here is a little guide of what there is soon to be available or have only just hit the shelves. Treat yourself, or consider this as Christmas gift suggestions (did I mention Christmas too early?).

Nature Republic Real Super Grain Foam Cleanser: With the amount of Nature Republic products featured in my blog posts it could seem like I have an obsession (or should be sponsored *Hi Nature Republic, help a girl out*). This cleanser literally was only released two or three weeks ago, and is very enticing with its 1+1 (buy one get one free) deal. Since hearing about the damage and health threats of sealife due to plastic bead particles from exfoliators being merged through water drainage to oceans, I have begun to use alternative ingredients for skin exfoliation which is either natural and unharmful to the environment or are water soluble. I read an American newspaper article that claimed to state that the use of plastic particles in skincare products will become illegal to produce in the US by 2018. I hope this is true even if I’m not much of an environmentalist. This grain based cleanser contains five grains from across the world: Chia seeds, lentils, quinoa, oats and pearl barley. Grains are ideal for soaking up excess facial oil, gently enough to retain some natural oils which are vital for hydration and without causing sensitivity. I have already purchased the cleanser taking advantage of the brand’s sale. I expect it to be very popular so I look forward to reading people’s reviews. So far I read a couple of reviews before purchase, one lady showed that the cleanser helped the treatment of stubbon forehead spots and blemishes. Fingers crossed that this won’t be a huge disappointment.

Etude House Colour in Liquid Lips Mousse: If you have already explored Korean Beauty brands, Etude House is probably one of the first brands you brought something from. Their girly, doll house themed stores and typical packaging is remenicent of the Princess life that many of us dreamed of as children have to (well, I was one of these girls but also I liked Action Man and Pokemon: Yay to no gender roles and expectations). Etude House make some of the best lip tints, no need to dispute about that it’s a fact. The colour swatches vividly represent exactly the shade you can see through the packaging. The Water Tint and Dear Darling tint ranges have continued to be produced since their releases 5 or more years ago. I really like the texture of velvety, mousse lip products. They aren’t drying and can be used sparingly so repurchases aren’t frequent. I don’t have any doubts about this product and hope they have the shade PK002 in stock online or at my nearest store. It’s the perfect burgundy for Autumn.

Gigi Hadid Makeup Collection for Maybelline New York: Honestly I’m not a fan of Gigi, nor do I dislike her, I just don’t know enough about her to have an opinion on her. I was a little surprised to she had made such a variety of products with Maybelline, usually celebrity collections don’t endorse many items at once. First of all I admire the packaging and am quite tempted to buy at least one piece for it to look nice on my bathroom shelf. All of her makeup is contained within a nude coloured tube or pallette with silver lettering. They didn’t just stop at producing lipsticks and mascaras, but also lip liners, eyeshadow palletes, eyeshadow brushes, liquid highlighters, primers and eyeliners. If I buy anything from this collection it will most likely be the East Coast Lipstick in the shade Erin: a mid-tone nude pink. A matching liner is also separately available, prehaps inspired by the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits?

Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato range: I have watched Zoe Sugg since 2012 or even 2011. It’s really nice to see that a British Youtuber has done so well for herself without inflating her ego, growing her career, businesses and as a person. I have lost count, though this maybe already her fourth or fifth collection with Superdrug and the products seem to improve each time she designs more. When back home in the UK I never brought any of her products as I was a little worried that the delightfully scented skincare and bath bombs wouldn’t please my skin. I regret not buying anything now. Next time I go back to London I hope they still sell her Gelato cream body scrub and Gelato Body Pudding moisturiser (Daniel, if you are reading this, can you hint to Mum and Dad to gift me some Zoella Beauty products for Christmas. Please and thank you in advance). The Snowella Treasure Me Pampering Gift Collection will also definitely be a hit this Christmas.

E.L.F Massaging Facial Cleanser tool: Since the introduction of the Foreo Luna silicone face cleansing device I have been on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. The miniature version and initial versions of the Foreo Luna brushes aren’t exactly going to be harsh on your bank account but the newest version, which I believe is the Luna 2, is too much of an upgrade to settle for their previous devices. This one by E.L.F costing only $20 could be the perfect substitute. One side of the battery operated brush deeply cleanses whereas the opposite side massages. Electric powered skincare tools in my opinion are too expensive and don’t necessarily work for everyone, so whenever there is a decently priced device it’s worth a test.

2 responses to “New, Upcoming Skincare and Beauty products: November 2017. ”

  1. I really want to try the ELF facial cleanser thingy, especially as it looks like such a good Foreo dupe! I’m going to try and pick it up when they have 50% off next! .xo


    1. Sounds like a good plan. Hope it’s as good as it seems 🙂


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