[Blogmas] Day 3: Christmas Decorating on a Budget.

How much or how little money you spend on Christmas decorations alongside all the other treats you decide to provide at your expense is entirely your choice. This post is mainly for people who want to create a festive ambiance without settling for poor quality decorations; on the contrary not overspending on luxury handcrafted ornaments. 

  • Tip number 1: During the Boxing Day and January sales take this as an opportunity to stock up on Christmas decorations for the following Christmas. Considering one Christmas will have just ceased, it could seem crazy or obsessive to be thinking about an occasion months in advance: but trust me you won’t regret making this extra effort. My family have saved alot of money over the years using this method. Some great retailers in the UK to head for a Wilko, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Next, B&Q and Homebase. Decorations, artificial trees and gift packages tend to be the items which sell the fastest, aside from general items which people may treat themselves to by using gift money or vouchers, so if you miss the chance don’t feel too disheartened. You can easily get your mittens on wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, gift bags, gift boxes and gift tags for 60% off or more. Additionally head over to Card Factory, their products are cheap all year round however, you can pick up Christmas cards singularly or in packs at discounts ranging from £3 or less. On decorations and wrapping accessories alone, buying items in the sales can save you £40 plus each Festive period. 
  • Tip number 2: Make your own decorations. Now I’m not saying you can suddenly, effortlessly produce the most elegant wreath of all time simultaneously putting all Pinterest crafters to shame: it’s simply enjoyable to put your own little touch on the decor you select. It’s also a great bonding task for Children and their parents/carers. Here are a few handmade and simplistic decorations which you may like to adopt:
  1. Throughout the year save ribbons and bows from gift cards, packages, pyjama set packaging and previous present wrappings: fasten these to tinsel or hook them onto your Christmas tree. Alternatively buy a few metres of ribbon for a charity shop or craft store. This will only cost a few pounds.
  2. Make your own gift tags by cutting out pictures from old gift cards; this is a money saver and a great way to recycle unwanted paper and card. 
  3. Use affordable brown parcel paper as gift wrapping: decorate with stickers, glitter and unwanted flat tree decorations which you can attach with patterned tape. 
  4. Collect and dry out acorns, conckers and Autumn leaves. Present them in a similar fashion as potpourri. To make them scented, spray with spiced aroma therapy oils or air freshener. 
  5. Make your own scented candles using inexpensive wax candles from a Pound shop/dollar store and insense oils. Add whole pieces of completely dehydrated orange slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks and flower petals.
  • Tip Number 3: Places like Amazon, Ebay and Makro sell Christmas tree packages that include lights and tree ornaments. This way you can save at least £20 by not having to buy everything separately. I brought a tree package this year and was pleasantly suprised by the good quality. Remember: you aren’t obligated to follow decoration colour themes and trends to make your home feel festive and welcoming. You don’t neccassarily have to buy an entire new set of decorations every Winter. 
  • Tip number 4: Trade decorations with family and friends. This way you don’t have to make any new purchases and get to have fulfil your preference for variety. 

One thought on “[Blogmas] Day 3: Christmas Decorating on a Budget.

  1. I agree with the point about the personal touch; every year my kids and I sit down for a few hours to make paper chains. It makes a huge difference to have something dangling about our heads which we made together rather than just bought at a shop. 😊

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