[Blogmas] Day 15: Already Thinking About New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not the sort of person to habitually make new year’s resolutions. As a child I naturally attempted to go without chocolate and sweets for a month, similarly to sacrificing a favourite thing for lent. Blogmas and the positive changes in my life during 2017 has encouraged me to conjure some new year’s resolutions for the upcoming 2018. Some of the resolutions I will make will be more of a ‘to-do-list’ rather than goals, as I know that’s what works for me and will make me feel more like I have achieved something than setting a target that isn’t enjoyable to work towards achieving.

Resolution 1 – Write more freely. Apart from when I am lacking new ideas or inspiration I think it’s fair to get ideas from reading other people’s content as long as it’s not copied and I put my own elements into it. Although I want to write as I please rather than feeling I have to write about a particular subject. Not everyone is going to like or appreciate what I write about, I’m learning to accept that, so I shouldn’t limit myself to discussing topics that I don’t enjoy writing about. I think for anyone who blogs often, we should all trust our instincts next year rather than feeling compelled to create pieces based on expectations.

Resolution 2 – Make a memory board. As a child I had a cork notice board on my bedroom wall: to this I would fasten photographs, letters, tickets, postcards, notes and little souvenirs to remind me of good days I had had throughout that year or prior to then. I think when you are feeling low it’s good to remember that gloomy day’s aren’t always persistent and that you can overcome feeling blue to make more happy memories in which you can reflect upon each and every time you glace at your display board.

Resolution 3 – Make more notes. Not going to brag (well perhaps slightly) about my great longterm memory, but my short term memory resembles that of a goldfish. Not only is this an excuse to use cute or pretty designed sticky notes or a diary, I find that attaching notes to my fridge or desk is a good way to remind me of tasks I need to complete no matter how minor or major: otherwise it will take me a week to remind myself that I need to take my vitamin supplements or buy something for breakfast.

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