[Korean Beauty] products: The Best Sites to Buy them.

I’m sure by now that most of you are well aware of the increasingly popular ‘trend’ of using Korean Skincare and cosmetics in the Western parts of the world. Before I came to Korea I had already incorporated some Korean brand products into my routine. Seemingly people who are fans of kpop and other aspects associated with Korea begin using Korean made products in the hope to look like their favourite Korean celebrities. In my case I wasn’t aiming to adopt cosplaying nor had I watched any Kdramas to be influenced into changing my image (-not that there is anything wrong with that, as long as you are still embracing your own race and nationality as well a another).

For me, I was in search of skincare products and base makeup that would be suitable for my fair skin toned sensitive skin. After reading numerous reviews, I was informed that most Korean beauty products contain natural ingredients and that often a single product is catered to all skin types rather than categorised to fulfil the needs of an individual skin type etc.

After a little research I found out that one of the most poplular websites that ship Asian cosmetics worldwide was ‘honestskin.com’ or something along the lines of that name. My experience of making a purchase through them wasn’t so simple. Alot of products were out of stock despite the website allowing me to add it too my virtual basket, and the shipping costs were ridiculously expensive considering I had a ‘first time order’ discount plus an order consisting of only a few lightweighted items. To this day the website has become under new management and rebranded as stylekorean.com . Sometimes the shipping fees can be expensive as their depo is located in Korea, though their products are decently priced approximately the same retail prices that exist in Korean stores. Allegedly they are now the top brand for exporting Asian cosmetics abroad, and I have seen many foreign youtubers who live in Korea endorse the website.

I much prefer yesstyle.com who export Asian branded cosmetics, clothing and accessories from either Hong Kong or Singapore. I have been ordering from them for 3 or so years, so I can’t remember the city where their warehouse stays. The company has grown rapidly, so due to high demand they were forced to lower their ‘free-shipping’ availability on orders of a certain amount. The products are well packaged in recycled boxes and bubble-wrap. They seem to almost always have sale items and offers of free samples and gifts: sometimes for each product you buy from a certain brand or category you will receive a sample sachet. One time I brought 8 small cheap items, mainly nail vanishes, and they gave me 8 sheet masks for free and a generous sized tube of a Japanese Hydration gel from Curel. If all the products you purchase within your order are shippable between 24-48 hours, then your parcel will arrive to the UK within 9 days – 2 weeks: which is quite speeding considering the distance between China and England. You can find all the major brands on their site: Innisfree, Etude House, Missha, it’s skin, The Face Shop, Kao, Biore, Mediheal, A’Pieu, IOPE, Nature Republic, the SAEM, Skinfood, Clio, Peripera, etc.

Ebay isn’t as trustworthy as the sites I mentioned beforehand due to fake copies of products being made, however I did find genuine Korean sheet masks for 2 pounds or less each. Some sellers are UK based, yet the cheapest ones are by sellers in Korea who generally don’t charge a postage and packaging fee. As long as you don’t mind waiting a week or two, importing for China and Korea is better than buying Korean cosmetics from companies in the UK who will charge you extra tax to compensate for their efforts and investments in importing the goods as a middle man.

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