WellDerma Collagen Impact Essential Mask (Sapphire) Review πŸ’™

A month of masking – Day 2

I have firmly decided to use sheet masks for a month: recording their performance each and everyday for a soild month. Let’s find out if sheet masks are worth the hype.

Today is day 2, which means I settled on trying out the WellDerma Collagen Impact Essential Mask, the Sapphire version, as I just wanted to use something simple today and not necessarily with a specific treatment. Alike the mask on day one, I had no knowledge of this product prior to testing it; however I am familiar with the brand due to it’s positive discussion on Instagram and other blog sites.

The back of the packaging states that:

“Citric acid effectively gives tension to the skin and provides skin vitality. The energy element will effectively deliver the nutrients and moist to healthy skin”.

“Nature sheets are highly dermatotropic and fixed easily on skin”.

With the above description in mind, I was a little confused or should I say suprised, to find that there was no detectable citrus scent. Furthermore, I failed to experience any sense of tension or supposed tightening effect during or after usage. I wore it for the maximum 20 minutes, so I know I certainly put it through it’s paces in order to give a fair review.

Most noticable of all is the thinness of the sheet’s material: its flexible, but not weak. Despite thin thickness gauge, the mask didn’t dry out too quickly and enabled some essence to remain on skin at the time of removal. As for sizing it was too wide, yet not bothersome.

The essence is comparable to a gel moisturizer, but less viscous making it ideal for daily use and all skin types. My skin was left feeling plump and bouncy, but I don’t think this sheet mask stands out compared to others of a similar make-up. I was hoping it would live up to the expectations highlighted on the packaging. Regardless, it is still a decent mask and didn’t cause any complications to my skin’s condition.


Skin condition update: A cluster of small spots remain on my forehead, but are becoming less prominent with reduced redness possibly with the help from moisture provided by the sheet masks. Other areas of my face have stayed smooth and supple.


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2 thoughts on “WellDerma Collagen Impact Essential Mask (Sapphire) Review πŸ’™

  1. I am not sure if I will ever be a mask person but I still find it interesting to see how they go for other people! They definitely seem to benefit some people alot I just have trouble getting past the actual sensation of wearing them Haha. Maybe I just have to do it enough times that it no longer bugs me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, I understand. My Mum & Brother said the same thing about not being able to withstand the sensation of wearing them. Like you said, wearing them often enough will help things become bareable.

      Thanks for reading!


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