[#Gifted] ✨Twenty or Something Mini Haul + Reviews✨

In favour of supporting more small businesses during this time, I’d like to introduce you to Twenty or Something – the one stop online shop for K-Beauty. Despite the pandemic they launched just a few weeks back & are thriving. They kindly chose me receive some of their hand-selected products to discuss with you, and I must say they have a great selection overall.

Also, if you are into graphic design, you’ll love the design and layout of their website (hint: they have an 80s slash retro gaming sort of theme going on 😁).

I have 3 Korean skin care products to discuss: a sheet mask, toner & serum (my favourites). Which will be first?…


Secret Key: A Korean skincare brand which has probably popped-up when you’ve browsed for toner and essence in particular on Asian beauty websites. This is their Rose Floral Softening Toner which is suitable for all skin types – alleviating skin’s tension by providing a soft & hydrating finish.

Compromised of 13 plant-based ingredients, it replenishes fatigued skin to leave a refreshing feel in the morning or at the end of a long day. With Rosa Damascena Flower (Damask Rose) contributing to 97% of this toner’s formula, it is a very lightweight runny toner – even moreso than the majority of the toners I’ve discussed this year so far. Papaya extract appears to have been included for it’s skin softening properties or light ‘peeling’ effect.

However this is not the sort of softening toner which visibly shows signs of skin peeling. I believe cucumber & witch hazel keep the formula gentle and balanced for being inclusive to even sensitive skin types. I was surprised to see it also holds Pulsatilla Koreana & algae extracts 👍

So far I love using it as my first toner (I always use 2 toners at a time, a watery one first followed by a toner with a higher glycerin content) or for toner masking with 1/2 sponge cotton pads. Because of its texture, most of the time I will be using it for the toner masking method so not as to waste the product. 1 week into using it my skin felt softer and smoother; particularly on my forehead which sometimes has textural issues. I love the fragrance, it’s actually not too overpowering and I’m not concerned about using this toner twice daily on my sensitive skin.


It’s been a long while since I reviewed a skin care product from iUNIK – which a is one of my favourite brand discoveries of 2019. So it’s about time that I discuss their Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum (travel sized 15ml), which seems to be one of their most popular products across several Asian beauty sites including Twenty or Something & I can see why.

This serum contains a generous 70% worth of propolis extract & 12% Seaberry/sea-buckthorn extract both of which have been selected for their anti-inflammatory properties; this being suitable for caring for common skin concerns such as sensitivity, rosacea, eczema & psoriasis. The main thing I like about this serum & the reason why I use it, is because it improves skin elasticity which is a common issue among those who have a water to oil ratio imbalance.

Basically it’s all all-rounder! It soothes, nourishes & revitalises. And when you think it can’t get any better, I looked in the serum’s ‘Newplex’ patented technology – which takes inspiration from ancient skin care remedies which serve the purpose of relieving stressed skin, by protecting skin from the outset from external stressors as well as soothing the problems that already persist. Pomegranates, figs, ginkgo and mulberry are combined to form this complex.

All the ingredients in this are EWG rated ‘green’/1~2 (low hazard). For me, the texture is a strong 9/10. It’s has that natural stickiness of propolis, but it doesn’t take ages to soak into skin because it still contains enough watery ingredients to spread out nicely without dragging. What’s more it’s lightweight enough to use during the day if desired. I like to use it in place of a makeup primer, as it gives a natural sheen to skin without those pearlescent specks that some illuminating primers have. I can’t fault this serum & will be purchasing the full sized bottle at some point.


This is one of A’pieu’s most well-known sheet masks for dry skin, but can see equally be enjoyed by combination and oily skin types once in a week. Essentially it has a milky essence formulated with milk protein extracts to not only hydrate skin deep, but further provides a moisture barrier for skin to leave a dewy glow.

This packaging tested my Hangul reading skills a bit. It does have an English description, although in Korean more details regarding the percentages of the key ingredients are highlighted:

• It contains aloe vera leaf extract to lighten the weight and texture of the milk extracts,

• Main ingredients: Milk extract (2,000ppm) & Milk Protein extract (2,000ppm).

• The sheet itself is made from a Air Pocket fiber that “softly hugs the contours while it effectively absorbs and delivers essence to skin”.

Overall it doesn’t contain too many ingredients; making it a nice simple mask for most skin types. The fabric was very comfortable against my sensitive skin, and in a sense was soothing after a hot summer day. Make sure to use toner before using the mask so that the milk proteins can soak into skin more effectively to achieve a bounce back to depleted skin.

Twenty or Something also sell the Green Tea Milk (latte) version of this mask for just £2.20!

If you’d like to check out Twenty or Something for yourself, click ‘here‘!

Use code: EMMA15 to grab yourself 15% off your order (this is not an affiliate code or link).


Disclaimer – The products featured in this post were kindly gifted. Any opinions expressed are my own and have therefore not been influenced by the brands or any company in association. Any links or discount codes shared are not affiliated.


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  1. These sound like great products. I particularly love the look of the mask, especially as it doesn’t have too many ingredients in it.


  2. These all sound like such wonderful skincare goodies!!

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  3. The Rose Toner is amazing! x

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