[#Ad] BB Society

Last month I spoke about the beauty industry and how it majorly contributes to the UK economy and why we should use this knowledge – which is supported by statistics – as our leverage to recover and provide stability among the ever-changing and declining UK economy post Covid-19. I further mentioned how Beauty marketplace “Billionaire Beauty” is a gateway for small businesses and local businesses to reach consumers who otherwise may not know about their services and products available elsewhere. The benefits of Billionaire Beauty (BB) and the beauty industry combined, has lead to a new fantastic opportunity created by BB themselves: BB Society.

What is BB Society?

Considering how BB is a online marketplace specifically for beauty products, it has great potential and is ever-growing in the number of buyers and sellers who join the platform; as well as the amount of products which are listed for sale. Therefore BB Society is an extension of providing more opportunities for like-minded businesses to develop alongside BB.

Being a member of this Society means you can earn a share of BB profits. In the event that BB is sold, 70% of the business’ profits will be divided between members. To ensure a trustworthy and professional working relationship is established, a contract will be given to members to outline their position and involvement in the business.

The ultimate goal of BB, is to evolve into a Co-op in the near future – an online marketplace and community which is broad in the types of products, services and opportunities in which it offers. This would also mean that BB Society members can become owners of BB – whether they be active or passive members will be determined at the time.

Why become a member of the society?

If you as a one-person lead business or a entire team of hard working individuals in the UK and aim to explore new business areas within the beauty market, BB may fund your business ventures whether it be creating a cosmetics range or hosting beauty workshops and other engaging events, etc.

As a member of this unique and inclusive society, you will be expected to at least join BB’s marketplace – experiencing the platform by selling or purchasing products yourself; in doing so members can get a feel for how the platform works and can lead to new business connections. Contributing to BB’s social media presence by sharing and inviting others to BB across various social media websites and to friends, family and other businesses in which you have connections with is highly valued.

The initial joining fee for this ever-expanding society is £99 and a small monthly £20 contribution which helps BB to continue to grow. You can pre-register to be a member of the BB Society “here“.

To sign-up to Billionaire Beauty and begin earning yourself some extra cash by selling your new and second-hand unused beauty products, please use this link.

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