[Review]: the SAEM Eco Soul – Essence Cushion All Cover.

Since the end of last year, around the time of festivities, the Korean brand ‘the SAEM’ has had recurring price discounts of up to 50% across all of their products. I had never used any of their skincare or makeup products before so gathering an option of their cosmetics during their sale period seemed fitting. I was in need of a new foundation or BB cream, for the occasional few times a week when I don’t want to go out bare faced, preferably contained within a cushion pact to conveniently and effortlessly reapplying my base makeup whilst travelling.

For those who are curious I paid around 12,000₩ (£8.15/$11.25 USD) for the cushion.

Initially, I wanted to test out their ‘Powerproof cooling BB cushion’ but they didn’t have my shade in stock due to the success of the sale season, I think this version would be suitable for sensitive skin in the sense that it could soothe irritation. Nevertheless, anything containing essence is considered ideal for keeping dry skin at bay, which was suiting as the bitter Winter weather was intensifying to around -15 and sometimes -20 during the time of purchase.

The foundation definitely gives a distinctive dewy finish, which takes no longer than around half an hour to adhere well to this skin to the point where it will no longer smudge or crease. As the name of the product suggests it is a medium to buildable full coverage foundation. I wear it sparingly as I don’t have many skin issues so I found that I didn’t need to use a CC cream nor concealer in addition to the foundation. If you have moderate or severe acne I assume you will still need to use a concealer. Intact the SAEM is mainly popular for their concealers, so you should be able to obtain a concealer matching the shade of this cushion if you wish to do so.

I’m using the lightest shade, shade #13, which is quite pale but has a yellow undertone so that there’s just about not too much of an overpowering white cast or tone-up effect. The next shade up seems to be the most favourable regardless, I always suggest that you search for swatches of all the shades in comparison to one another before settling on which shade to purchase.

The only downsides to this foundation is that sebum seeps through after short periods of time, so using blotting paper or powdering target areas is essential if you don’t want you face to look like a grease ball without entirely irradiating the slight sheen of the foundation. As it’s a cheap, basic edition cushion it doesn’t have a detachable refill compartment, so unfortunately you have to repurchase the entire pact again; which isn’t “Eco Soul” (Eco-friendly) at all.

The sponge puff is of decent quality. It’s super soft and doesn’t overly absorb excess product, it’s just a little less padded than the Innisfree sponge puffs I swear by. Overall, I would rate this product 7/10 and if it wasn’t for the fact that refills aren’t unavailable, I would be repurchasing it once the contents have finished.


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