All that is wrong with Khloé Kardashian’s latest campaign.

Upon keeping informed of news topics via the BBC news app, Khloé Kardashian’s campaign regarding her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) appeared to be a topic of concern among the ‘top stories’ section of the news application. First of all it has frustrated me that a matter like this has made so much of an impact that it shares a page with more negatively impactful ongoings such as the war in Syria and controversial subjects relating to North Korea.

The name of her ‘campaign’ alone makes light of the mental health disorder, moreso taking on another of the Kardashian/Jenner family brand-like names: “Khlo-c-d” , clearly a ‘play on’ word derived from her name. One important point I would like to make is that no one should assume how extensively she is affected by OCD, only an expert and herself can determine this. The reason why her campaign as part of her “organisation week” has ruffled people’s feathers is due to the fact that the entire ordeal seemingly is just an excuse to brag about the contents of wardrobe, to promote her television shows based on fitness, and to show that she is making the effort to prepare the environment in which will become home to her due infant.

When evaluating this conundrum, I don’t disbelieve the factuality of her suffering from OCD. Simply to say she is just misinforming people with her ignorance. Rather than highlighting the fact that OCD can bring persist compulsions/urges both physical and through thought she has focused on the stigma that OCD is completely based around the need to clean/maintain hygiene, organise and provide structure with routine.

One example she uses to demonstrate her OCD is keeping her cookie jar neat – presentable. Yes, absolutely this could be a trait of OCD, however with the seriousness of the the condition stripped away thanking to her light-hearted attitude it would appear that like the majority of people, particularly those who are ‘preparing the nest’, that she is just upholding characteristics of tidy person. To some extent well all have OCD tenancies; however there is a line between having the debilitating disorder and being systematic.

In hindsight I’m confident that more than a handful of people made aware of this campaign can firmly agree that advice shouldn’t be given unless points raised can be supported by researched evidence or the influence of expertise. An individuals experience doesn’t define a condition for everyone who is faced with it. The Kardashians and Jenners are fortunate to have a high profile wide spread fan base: an audience and voices which should be used correctly to an advantage for making an positive imprint in the world.

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