Diary #5 – Early Spring is here πŸƒβ›…

Thursday 7th March

The realisation finally hit me, that we’re already one week into the third month of this year. I’m going to be 24 years old in a little under 2 months! I’m a tad reluctant to be happy about my birthday, especially as I’m overally aware that I’m only 5 years away from the dreaded 30; but also because I already often feel like I’m a granny. Anyway, maybe my opinion will change in due course.

Today started off with a rather boring, yet essential errand: I was able to go to Incheon Immigration Office to collect my ARC (alien registration card). For anyone who is interested in potentially obtaining any type of Korean visa, I must inform you that by law you have to apply for an ARC within 90 days of your initial arrival with your Visa. The process is pretty straightforward, and doesn’t require much preparation in terms of gathering the correct documents; however the office’s system lacks organisation in addition to it’s poorly run, confusing website for referring to information and booking an appointment via the website itself. Despite miscommunication and the employees limited ability to speak English (I know that it’s not an English speaking country, but considering it’s a service for foreigners I expected that their services would be more easily accessible with the use of English), the process is rather quick paced and convenient. If you speak Russian or Mandarin, the office can cater to your needs fairly well. What I most appreciated was being able to photocopy documents for only 200β‚© per copy. You don’t have to be concerned about trying to operate the photocopier yourself, infact an assistant who works in the little snack shop inside the bank’s immigration office branch, will speedily do it for you.

Directly after finishing at the office, I headed in the opposite direction to Geomdan Sageori (Incheon line 2), which is situated approximately half way between Incheon International and Gimpo Airports. I had skipped breakfast and lunchtime was approaching, so at ‘A Twosome Place’ I managed to order some cake for the first time. Yay me! I considered trying one of their starwberry cakes as Starwberry flavoured anything is again the Spring theme in cafΓ©s and more or less for any drink or snack company here in Korea. Most likely this theme will be available for the shortest period out of any seasonal theme this year, as the bloom of Cherry Blossoms next month will overtake the current obsession of starwberries.

Instead I chose the most popular cake on their menu: Ice Box Cake, which unbeknownst thanking to it’s name is actually an Oreo and cream layed cake. The slice, or more appropriately the ‘slab’, was dense and wider than the palm of my hand. I think as ‘A Twosome Place’ is advertises themselves as a couples cafe, or simply a dessert cafe for attending with company, the portion sizes are supposed to be for two people. Well my lonely self gobbed that deliciousness up without guilt or regret: it made my day. The cream was slightly buttery and not overly sugarly. I doubt buttercream was used, yet I couldn’t pinpoint which type of cream or frosting was used. Simply to state the cream was similar to that of Ciffon cake. The chocolate sponge beneath the cream wasn’t in one plain, solid piece. The sponge had been sectioned into layers with more of the same cream spread between them. The broken Oreo biscuits on top were softened so they could effortlessly be eaten with the fork. Even the tiny ‘Twosome’ sign made from chocolate tasted of good quality: resembling the famous Lindt 70% cocoa dark chocolate. If you ever order this cake, you may be tempted to try one of Twosome’s teas that are usually prepared with ‘Twig Tea’. However, to balance out the sweetness of the Ice box cake, a bitter hot or iced Americano works best; not just for flavour but all will lay better in your stomach as the cake is heavy.

OliveYoung, which is the equivalent of Superdrug/Boots in the UK and Ulta/Sephora in the US, currently has a week-long Spring sale of up to 60% off. I actually didn’t need to replace any of my daily cosmetics or hygiene products, but I wasn’t going to let this sale pass without taking a peak. No harm in that, right? Before anything else I checked out the cushion foundations. Some brands including Vely Vely, Clio, April Skin and Luna typically sell their cushion foundation pacts for between $26-$42. I haven’t brought a new cushion foundation or a refil for well over a year, and used to pay no more that Β£15 for one; so regardless of the sale I wasn’t willing to pay the prices that OliveYoung/the brands had set as the cheapest was still $22. Now was the perfect time to buy individual sheet masks. In this sale Mediheal sheet masks are available at half price, the ones usually costing 2000β‚© per sheet are now a measly 1000β‚© (Β£0.68p/$0.89)! In the past I have only tested out their tea tree and N.M.F Aquaring masks, which are two of my all time favourites, yet this sale has enabled me to cheaply get my hands on their collagen and Vitamin masks from the same line as the others I just mentioned.

Not too long after arriving back home it was soon to be dinnertime. I had already begun boiling some Spaghetti, when I realised I didn’t have any pasta sauce to compliment it. I heard through a forum that ketchup can be used as a substitute for tomato puree or canned plum tomatoes, but never should it be used on its own – just the thought of that makes me want to heave. Through trial and error I figured out a way to transform the ketchup into a tasty alternative, using ingredients most people have at hand in their homes. Combine 4 tablespoons of tomato ketchup, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of balsamico, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, salt, pepper, a little dried basil/mixed Italian herbs and red chilli powder. If you fry onions, garlic and meat or other vegetables with the sauce the taste will be delightful.

πŸ’¬ Have you tried MediHeal sheet masks? – If so, what was your favourite if any?


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7 thoughts on “Diary #5 – Early Spring is here πŸƒβ›…

  1. That cake and your pasta look delicious! πŸ˜‹ Your pasta looks like something out of a restaurant! Congratulations on your getting your new ARC! Have picked up some Korean yet?


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